2010 Blonde Hair Color Trends

The power of blonde hair color has been visible since decades ago when most of the sex symbols were wearing platinum blonde tresses. Find out the latest blonde hair color trends so you can look fabulous in 2010.

Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, Jayne Mansfield all had something in common, blonde tresses which helped them become sex symbols of the past and present. There has always been a certain mirage surrounding blonde hair and this has helped blonde hair maintain it's popularity every year.

Blonde hair color trends seem to change every year as women need change and different blonde hues appeal more than others at a certain time. The cosmetic industry has evolved greatly and now more and more blonde hues are available which is absolutely fabulous. Every woman has at least once thought about how blonde hair color would suit her and this only emphasizes the attraction blonde hair creates.
Blonde hair color acts like a powerful magnet, increasing the sex appeal especially if it is the right blonde hue which complements the complexion. Because the 2010 blonde hair color trends are fabulous you need to think about experimenting with the following trendy blonde hues, so you can look beautiful.

Platinum blonde has made a huge comeback as this hair color has a certain magic surrounding it. Women have fallen in love with platinum blonde hair and it's no surprise why. The lovely brightness of the color enhances the facial features and helps create a very luminous appearance. Platinum blonde tresses usually complement a fairer skin complexion as there needs to be a perfect balance between the color and the complexion. This is what makes platinum blonde difficult to choose. The best sources of inspiration that look absolutely remarkable with platinum blonde are Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga, so be careful when choosing platinum blonde as it doesn't suit everyone.

platinumblondeplatinum blonde

Dirty blonde hair color always posed an attraction and this year this hue can complement women who are not too keen on going platinum. This type of blonde hair color suits most skin complexion and this is why so many choose it permanently or as a transition on the way to the much wanted platinum blonde. In 2010 dirty blonde hair will help you look trendy as it is a hot hair color. Inspire your dirty blonde hair from celebrities who look fabulous with this hair color like Hayden Panettiere, Nicole Richie and Jennifer Aniston.

dirty blondedirty blondedirty blonde

Strawberry blonde suits almost all skin complexions as it's brightness is a little bit toned down. This type of blonde will absolutely make you look fabulous as it has a bit of red incorporated. This type of hairstyle looks fabulous on women with fair as well as dark skin complexions as Rihanna clearly demonstrated with her newest hairstyle and hair color.

strawbery blondestrawbery strawberry red

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