2010 Fall/Winter Runway Hairstyles Ideas

Take a peek at the following new runway hairstyles trends suitable for the fall/winter season and inspire yourself so you can look hot during the cold season!

Runway hairstyles pose a great source of inspiration for us all, as they are meant to exude style and suit the fashion trends of the moment, allowing you to receive a complete trendy look from top to toe. The 2010 fall/winter runway hairstyles look fabulous and act as a great source of inspiration for women with all hair types.

Choosing a hairstyle to suit your personality and facial features best is a must if you wish to benefit from the hairstyle chosen and have all your best features emphasized and your flaws concealed. There are a variety of hairstyles to choose from, but, if you want to look fabulous and trendy you need to select a hairstyle of the moment and trendy hairstyle which will suit the current fashion trends as well.
Because making the right choice can be quite difficult we have selected some of the most popular 2010 fall/winter runway hairstyles to inspire yourself from as they are the next hot thing this cold season:

Ponytail hairstyles

Whether neat and tidy or messy, ponytail hairstyles look great and keep maintaining their position among the most popular hairstyles due to their low maintenance level. Depending on the positioning of the ponytail, a variety of different looks can be obtained, looks which can be created on all hair types, from curly to straight.

To create a neat and tidy ponytail, use a comb or brush and gather the hair back in the position you wish to secure the ponytail. After all the hair has been brought to the desired position, take hair elastic and wrap it tightly close to the scalp. In order to conceal the hair elastic separate a thin strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it over the elastic until you reach the end which you will secure under the pony using a bobby pin.
If you wish to create a messy look use a hair comb to backcomb the hair and style the pony as usual.


Chignons are elegant and offer you a stylish look without having to feel incommoded by the hair. This type of hairstyles look fabulous for casual-chic as well as formal occasions and there are a variety of styles you can create depending on personal preference as well as hair length. Gather the hair back tightly or loosely as you prefer and secure the rest of the hair up as you desire. A medium or long hair length is necessary to create this type of hairstyle, and the result will be adorable. Style the hair on sleek straight hair, wavy or curly hair, depending on the hair type and result desired.

Hair volume hairstyles

Hair volume is great and can offer your hairstyle an elegant sexy look, which every woman can benefit from. The new hair cutting techniques as well as hair styling products and tools available to choose from nowadays can allow you to add as much volume to your hair as you wish. However you should be looking for a medium hair volume as going overboard can make you look extravagant and definitely not as attractive as a natural looking hair volume hairstyle would. Use a hair styling mousse and a rat-tail comb to add volume to the hair and style it up or allow it to fall naturally loose around the body, depending on what suits your personality and style best.

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