2011 Hair Styling Tips for Long Hair

Say goodbye to boring hairstyles as there are a variety of hot looking hair styles in town, perfect for your long luscious hair! Check out the following stylish hair styles and experiment to discover the best ones that suit your personality in addition to boosting your natural beauty and incredible style.

Hair styling has become a massive trend helped by the variety of the hair styles available to choose from, hair styles developed over time to suit the fashion and style trends of the moment. Hairstylists have gone overboard with their creativity, being helped by the new hair styling tools and products available for purchase. In 2011 hair styling tips especially when it comes to long hair come in handy as hairstyles have a huge impact over the physical appearance.

Hairstyles are now a method of self-expression, so try to select a hair style that not only makes you look good but also matches your personality perfectly if you want to look and feel gorgeous. To make sure you've got it easy, we have selected some of the most popular and stylish hair styles to inspire yourself from, just so you can look stunning with every occasion.

Hair by Monroe Hairdressing

Hair by Ishoka



2011 is definitely the comeback year of the updo, as they bring a feeling of refinement and sophistication, elements which go hand in hand with femininity and style, and there are a variety of updo styles to choose from. Sophisticated updos as well as updos which have a vintage allure attached are a great success so try to experiment with different styles to discover the ones that you feel most comfortable with. Braid or wist the hair randomly to obtain gorgeous looks regardless of you natural hair texture as your hair will look great either way.

Hair by Tony & Guy

Hair by Lisa Shepherd

Curls are hot and they are a popular choice for women with long hair, especially loose curls which create a very seductive allure that makes heads turn. Go for curls that are created from the root or opt for the most modern version, partially curled hair. There are a variety of hair styling products which will help you achieve this look and flaunt your curls for days in a row, just so you can look as natural and as gorgeous as possible.

Hair by Mark Leeson Hair, Body & Mind

Hair by Joseph Ferraro

Hair by Hooker & Young

Hair by Joseph Ferraro

Retro looking hairstyles are hot and since the retro fashion style has made a comeback these hair styles can perfectly complete your stylish outfit. High volume hairstyles, messy hairstyles as well as messy buns featuring cute hair accessories are in and can be a perfect choice for your long hair, so give the hair that “je ne sais quoi” that attracts attention. Allow your hair to receive a messy yet sexy texture or pull it up into a twisted bun, which you'll upgrade using a stylish headband.

Long sleek straight hair styles look great and will always be popular but try to give your look a little bit of a twist and experiment with different looks as long hair styles offer you endless hair styling possibilities, for a surprising appearance on a daily basis!

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