2011 Medium Hair Style Ideas

Medium length hairstyles offer a generous amount of versatility in styling, all you need to do is find out which looks suit your style best. If you're searching for a hot and stylish way to upgrade your look, check out the following fab medium hair styles and experiment to find the most flattering looks for you!

The new season has brought a variety of cool new looks to enjoy and with a little bit of interest, one can select a variety of cool and trendy hair styles to suit their personality and style. Variety is the buzzword as far as hairstyles go so if you're looking for a new look to match your medium length tresses check out the following 2011 medium hair styles ideas and experiment.

It's amazing the transformation a simple hair style can bring so say goody to your routine hair style and prepare to be dazzled by the following hot looks. These hairstyles suit most women so adapt them to match your face shape, style and occasion. Direct your attention towards hot looking hair styles as often as possible as this is the only way to always looking fresh and fabulous. There are a myriad of fab new medium hair styles to try so prep your gear and start styling:

Hair by Jasmine Redstone

Hair by Royston Blythe

Fabulous curls

Curly hairstyles look amazing and they work really well with hair length. However, to ensure you don't end-up with an afro, it's best to opt for loose curls which you can style using the technique that works for you best. Keep your curls well defined or opt for a cooler look by brushing out the curls, to obtain a highly textured hairstyle. A little bit of shine spray and hold spray will be all you need to give your locks a radiant glow that makes all the difference.

Hair by Rae Palmer

Hair by Neil Smith

Hair volume

Flat, limp hairstyles are definitely out of the question as far as trendy hairstyles go, so try to pump-up the volume of your medium locks and boost their seductiveness. Tease the roots gently and opt for hair volumizing products to get that instant hair volume your hair needs in order to look glamorous. Keep the hair in great condition by using adequate hair care products as only healthy hair can receive that seductive allure that makes heads turn.
Give your hair a sleek or messy texture, as both styles look amazing and suit the current hair trends.

Hair by janer stewart

Hair by Jasmine Redstone

Messy hairstyles

The messy look seems to be maintaining a firm position on the top of the current hairstyles trends and suits most occasions, whether formal or casual. The look is obtained using a texturizer which is applied on the hair while moving the hands back and forth throughout the hair. Using a hair styling cream set the hair as desired and if any hair strands don't set as desired use the flat iron.
This style can be obtain a just minutes on all hair lengths so give your hair a boost in style by creating a stylish messy look.

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