2011 Medium Hairstyles Trends

Choosing the right hairstyle is not always easy so, in order to ensure you narrow your options we have put together some fabulous medium hairstyles ideas which suit the new trends perfectly! Browse through the 2011 medium hairstyle trends for inspiration!

Medium hairstyles are fabulous hairstyles which women prefer due to the perfect balance between maintenance level and versatility. Along time a variety of medium hairstyles have been developed as this hair length is one of the most popular hair lengths among women and this way women can avoid looking boring. Constantly sporting the same hair style is not advised so try to be inventive if you wish to maintain a high interest with your look. For this you can take a glimpse at the following medium hairstyles trends for 2011 and inspire yourself for your next stylish look.

Hairstyles trends change every year and this 2011 season you can find a variety of stylish hairstyles to inspire yourself from. Unfortunately people don't have the same facial features so not all hairstyles suit everyone. This diversity and the new hair cutting techniques developed allow you to find the perfect hairstyle for you.


Hair Arena

Royston Blythe


The perfect hairstyle helps enhance the best facial features, suits the face shape as well as helps conceal certain flaws (as no one is perfect) so try your best to find the hair style which suits you best. Medium length hair suits almost all face shapes, all you need to do is find the style which suits you. If you're not sure what style to choose here are some fabulous medium length hairstyle which suit the 2011 hairstyles trends perfectly.

Blunt cut medium length hairstyles are amazing and can suit women with different hair textures. However blunt cuts look best if created on sleek straight hair as this hair texture enhances the style of the cut. Bob hairstyles are also popular in 2011 so if your face shape can pull off this cut don't hesitate to get it.



Hair Machine

Mark Leeson

Hair layers have a variety of benefits which make them perfect for any hair type and hair length. Soft layered medium hairstyles are perfect for women with curly, wavy as well as sleek straight hair so if you love layered hairstyles go for a medium layered hairstyle. Layered bob hairstyles, shoulder length hairstyles featuring bangs or a center/side parting with no bangs can pose as a great option. Side swept bangs work fabulous with layered hairstyles so take them into account as well.


MC2 Hair Design

Hair at Hobs


Edgy hairstyles too are perfect if you love standing out of the crowd. These hairstyles feature sharp cuts which create a bolder look that is not for everyone. Confidence is a must when it comes to edgy looking hairstyles so make sure the hairstyle you are about to choose will suit you physically as well as suit your personality. Go for an asymmetrical cut or asymmetrical cut bangs as they look lovely and suit women with feminine facial features!

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