3 Easy Summer Hairstyles

Natural is the key word when it comes to summer 2010 hairstyling. Hairstyles are simple, easy and quick to make, yet stylish and sexy. Therefore, if you are in a hurry and you have no time to style your hair, there are plenty of reasons for you to be happy as this season natural, effortless hairstyles are so hot.

What is fascinating this summer is that natural, tousled and messy hairstyles are so hot and versatile. They are meant to complete an effortless look adding elegance and sexiness. Messy buns, tousled beach hair, loose braids or gentle waves are the perfect options meant to make a statement. Glamour, studied disorder and negligence are the words that better describe three of the hottest summer hairstyles for 2010.

Tousled beach hair
Tousled and frizzy hair is the new trend. The classic beach hair is the best option for those who want a laid-back, relaxed look. This hairstyle is a natural one with lighter shades that perfectly imitates the effect of the sun on hair.
There are several ways to obtain the look. Before drying your hair you can use a protective gel for sun-exposed hair that has a damp effect. In order to add volume and separate the locks use products that contain sea salt. Salt moisturizes hair giving a matte look. This hairstyle works great even if you have straight hair as you can make braids after applying styling products.

Take out the braids the next morning. Those of you who have a naturally dried and frizzy hair consider yourselves the luckiest girls because you just need a nourishing cream and some hair spray for a tousled beach hairstyle. You can also sleep on damp hair, but don't forget to apply first a lightweight mousse. The next morning use a product containing salt and blow dry your hair.

Gentle waves
This sensual and feminine hairstyle is perfect for summer. It's an easy and quick hairstyle, you just need patience and the necessary tools. Wash your hair and dry it just before applying the styling products. When it comes to waves, the volume at the roots is crucial. Therefore, apply a special volume spray or hair mousse to the roots. If your hair is deteriorated or dyed, it is advisable to use a special moisturizer in order to protect your hair from the negative effects of styling tools that could dehydrate it even more. Use a rotative brush paying extra attention to roots and ends. Use a bigger curling iron if you want to get soft waves instead of curls. Wrap wider locks of hair around the barrel of the curling iron. Turn upside down and using your fingers separate curls and gently apply hairspray to hold the waves.

If you don't have a curling iron, you can simply use fingers to make waves. Apply hair mousse on hair. Roll wide hair sections around your fingers and secure them using hairpins. After a few minutes, take the pins and apply hairspray.

Ballerina bun
Buns represent a chic and feminine hairstyle this season. They are easy to make for a stylish and versatile look. A ballerina bun is the perfect option for an everyday look. It can be placed at the crown of the head or behind the years. You can whirl, twist or accessorize this type of bun using ribbons or different lace bands. You can also choose to make a messy bun and still be trendy.

For a successful ballerina bun, you don't really need to wash your hair before as the sebum will only make the bun resist longer. If you wash your hair, use a volume mousse that will steady the hair down. Brush your hair and secure it into a ponytail using an elastic band. What makes a bun very practical is that you can lay it wherever you want. For a simple bun, separate the ponytail into two sections, wrap the hair around the band and use hairpins to secure the bun. You can also use braids around the bun for a more versatile look.

If you have a round face, backcomb a few locks from your bangs, then apply hairspray and make a ponytail. The volume in your bangs will lengthen your face balancing your look. For a natural look, you can leave a few rebel locks around your face. As a final step, use a hold spray.

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