When choosing a certain type of hair extension you must take into account several factors. It is very important to analyze your hair type and texture in order to find the perfect weave for you. African-American hair has particular qualities that's why it would be advisable to contact a professional hairstylist. Let's see some weave attachment techniques to know your options. Clip-ons Clip-ons are the cheapest and easiest way of attaching hair extensions. You don't need the help of a hair stylist to do them, there are several DIY kits to make it. Choosing this method won't guarantee you a lasting effect, however down-do2if you want a temporary change, it's the best one. Clip-ons don't imply the use of glues or wax, that's why these weaves are harmless to your scalp and natural hair. Experiment with them before you try a more complicated weaving technique. Braided Weaves It is a popular form of giving volume and texture to hair. Through this method, you'll have a totally new image, your hair will look healthy and very stylish. Whether you choose synthetic or human hair your hairstyle will be a 'low maintenance' one. The stylist will start at the nape of your neck and proceed forward, braiding the hair extension to your strands. Once the process is done, in order to make the extension more natural your hair will be gently brushed with the braided weave. Later on you can style it in endless ways, weather you want an elegant or casual hairstyle. There are several hair weave styles as cornrows, curly or interlocking weaves, all you have to remember is to care for your natural hair. Braided weaves generally last for 2-3 month, indeed besides clip-ons this is the least harmful method to lengthen your hair.