Amanda Bynes Curly Hairstyles

Amanda Bynes' hairstyle is long, rich and blonde. She is usually seen with her hair loose, straight or loosely curled. Her long blonde locks contribute to her beauty, enhancing her facial features. Her beautiful tresses help create a glamorous, feminine and sophisticated look - learn how to style Amanda Bynes' curly hairstyles!

Amanda Laura Bynes is an American actress best known for her leading role in the Nickelodeon comedy show “The Amanda Show”. She has become very popular among teenagers because of her beauty, her sense of humor and her gorgeous hairstyles.

In order to get Amanda Bynes' beautiful hairstyle you need to have a medium long or long hairstyle. The hair needs to be softly layered in order to provide the hair with the movement and texture it needs.The layers will relieve some of the hairs weight so it won't fall flat.
The hair can be side parted or middle parted depending on your preference.

Wash your hair and condition it well, rinse well and squeeze the excess water out of your hair by wrapping a clean towel around your hair for about 5 minutes.

Brush out tangles and part your hair. Apply some anti frizz serum on your hair to banish flyaway hairs.

Blow-dry your hair smooth with a round brush. Section hair and using a large barrel curling iron curl large sections of your hair from just under your ears towards the ends.

Spritz sections with heat protective product before curling to reduce damage.

You can curl as many sections of hair that you wish. You can also use your flat iron to create the curls.

Dust a little bit of hairspray over the hair to set the curls.

Your tresses will look wonderful just like Amanda's beautiful hair.

Amanda Bynes Curly Hairstyles

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