Articles tagged with Highlights

  • Trendy Hair Highlights Ideas
    Experiment with your favorite hair color hues and create the perfect hair highlight to suit your style and skin tone. Go bold or subtle depending on personal preference and you'll definitely look hot....
  • Cool Men Hair Highlights Ideas
    Gents should not keep away of the latest hair color trends either. Those who are fascinated by the versatile cuts can also adopt some of the cool men hair highlights ideas. These cheer up the plain an...
  • Summer Highlights and Lowlights Care
    Highlights as well as lowlights are a great way to update your look without making radical changes. Whether you want a funky look or you aim to get an interesting youthful look highlights and lowlight...
  • Two Tone Hair Color Ideas
    Two tone hair color looks hot as there are a variety of options you can make. The different tones of color if combined perfectly can create a gorgeous modern hairstyle perfect for your nonconformist s...
  • Trendy Celebrity Hair Highlights
    Look at This Gallery of Trendy Celebrity Hair Highlights. Steal their tricks to brighten up your look.
  • Highlight Ideas For Brown Hair
    Highlights can transform a hair color from plain and boring to sexy and exotic. Here are some highlight color ideas for brown hair.
  • Chunky Hair Highlights
    Get chunky hair highlights for an original appearance. Learn the techniques to get chunky hair highlights at home!