Bangs for Long Face Shapes

Because long face shapes have a more narrow width it is necessary to emphasize the width with the help of a carefully chosen hairstyle. Find out what type of bangs complement this type of face shape best so you can look gorgeous every time.

It is well known that people have different face shapes, which can determine the best hairstyles for them. There are a variety of hairstyles to choose from, which is a great thing, but this great variety makes choosing the right type of hairstyle more difficult.

Long or oblong face shapes are characterized by having the width of the forehead approximately equal to the part situated just below the cheekbones. This type of face shape appears elongated this is why the hairstyle created on this type of face shape needs to balance that elongated look, by emphasizing the width.

The bangs for long face shapes have to be carefully picked out in order to emphasize the best characteristics of the long face shapes and conceal the flaws. One of the best styles of bangs for long face shapes are brow skimming bangs. This type of bangs go down towards the eyebrows and cover up the forehead. Since long face shapes usually have a high forehead this type of bangs will diminish the forehead's length and balance the face shape beautifully. Another great thing about this type of bangs is that they look absolutely stunning and frame the face beautifully. Be careful though, layers are a must when trying brow skimming bangs for long face shapes as you will need some volume throughout your hair. Hair that falls straight down and lacks volume will only emphasize your face shape.

bangsBangs brow skimming brow bangs

Side wept bangs also complement long face shapes with the condition that the bangs created have the right length and the right amount of volume. Side swept bangs that fall just past the eye level work beautifully with long face shapes as they confer a little bit of volume to emphasize width not length.

This type of bangs work best on voluminous straight and wavy hairstyles. Avoid curly brow skimming bangs if you have curly hair as this type of bangs are not very flattering on curly hairstyles.

side sweptbangsside swept bangs

Choose the bangs that you prefer most for your long face shape and consult with your hairstylist before you make a decision. Your hairstylist will be able to help you decide and make the right choice.
Inspire your bangs for long face shapes from your favorite celebrity hairstyles featuring similar facial features. Among the celebrities which have been gifted with this face shapes are Sarah Jessica Parker, Hillary Duff, Gisele Bundchen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Rowland, Liv Tyler and many more others.

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