Best 2010 Oscars Hairstyles

One of the most awaited events this year, the 2010 Oscars was held in Los Angeles on the 7th of March. The event has been enjoyed by millions of views who were anxious to see which of the nominees have walked home with the big prize. Hollywood's glamorous celebrities all walked down the red carpet with beautiful gowns and pristine hairstyles. Check out the best 2010 Oscars hairstyles worn by celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Miley Cyrus, Sandra Bullock and others.

Although not everyone might agree with the grand winners, the ceremony, held at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood managed to impress the audience as usual, and the celebrities didn't disappoint anyone either. Hairstylists, fashion designers and makeup experts have all joined forces in an effort to make each celebrity look fabulous on the red carpet.

Like always, celebrities managed to impress the viewers with the latest trends in make-up,fashion and hairstyles.

If you want to have a fabulous hairdo, celebrities are a permanent source of inspiration and the hairstyles of the celebrities present on the red carpet at this notorious event make no exception. From loose updos to sleek straight hairstyles celebrities have managed to look fabulous regardless of their choice.

As bun hairstyles are suitable for a formal occasion like this one, many celebrities chose them. In fact bun hairstyles seem to be the dominant trend, at least at this edition of the Oscar Academy Awards. Among the celebrities that looked fabulous by choosing this classy hair style are Elizabeth Banks, Nicole Richie, Georgina Chapman or Kirsten Stewart.

Perhaps one of the most interesting hairdos was Sara Jessica Parker's hairdo. This daring hairdo that can be considered a sculptural flower suited her perfectly. After all,Sara has always been known as a style icon who was not afraid to step out of the box. The hairdo was so well made you could almost think it was made completely from her natural hair . However,to get such an outstanding coiffure her hairstylist used extensions.

Miley Cyrus also had a gorgeous hairdo that complimented her nicely. The hairdo she chose is modern,elegant and it highlights her natural beauty. This year,Sandra Bullock was a living proof that sometimes less is truly more. The soft,feminine straight hairstyle with a slight curl on the bottom was one of the most admired hairstyle on the red carpet. Sandra proved to be classic beauty that reminded us of the glamorous divas of the past century.

Cameron Diaz was one of the hottest celebrities that walked on the red carpet that night. With a bouncy wavy hair pulled over the shoulder and a beautiful side-swept fringe Cameron Diaz proved once again that you don't need complicated hairstyles to look gorgeous.

All in all, the 82 edition of the Oscar Academy Awards has proved to be very interesting. Although there might not have been many surprises when it comes to the winners,the dresses,the make-up and the hairstyles were all very creative being a great source of inspiration when it comes to the latest trends.

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