Best Celebrities With Short Hair to Inspire You

Short haircuts are highly popular so take a peek at the best celebrity sources of inspiration when it comes to short hair so you can look stunning just as they look!

Short hairstyles seem to be increasing in popularity as more and more women are leaning towards these low maintenance short sexy hairstyles. There are a variety of short hairstyles to inspire yourself from but celebrities pose some of the best sources of inspiration when it comes to hair as most of them are constantly up to date with what's in and hot as they have access to the best hairstylists in the world.

The best celebrities with short hairstyles to inspire you are the celebrities which selected the short hairstyles according to the newest trends as well as according to their face shape, facial features and personality. The perfect hairstyle is the hairstyle that enhances best your natural exterior beauty so here are some of the best celebrities with short hair to inspire yourself from as these are trendy, fabulous and their tresses exude femininity in the most amazing manner:


Rihanna is one of the best muses when it comes to short hairstyle as she is unpredictable with her hair and she constantly makes great changes which suit her style perfectly. Rihanna's hairstyles are versatile and hair color plays a very important role in the final result. The hair is cut usually longer on top as a little bit of hair length can allow you to style the hair differently allowing you to benefit from a versatile, stylish low maintenance hairstyle. From pixie to undercut, all of Rihanna's short hairstyles choices helped her look unique.

Halle Berry

A true American goddess, Halle Berry has never stopped to amaze people with her lovely angelic face enhanced by a lovely pixie short haircut. Pixie short hairstyles look fabulous and allow women to enhance their femininity effortless. Halle Berry's short hairstyle leans towards punkish due to it's spiked up style. Her feminine facial features are beautifully enhanced and revealed by this cut, making this short crop a lovely choice for Halle.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams chose a lovely classic pixie haircut which exudes femininity and maintains a “good girl” look which suits her perfectly. The side parting helps soften the look of the hairstyle making it appear preppy-feminine. The straight style of the hair helps define the haircut, creating a lovely result which women with different face shapes can benefit from. This type of haircut requires a minimum amount of maintenance but the look created is absolutely fabulous.

Michelle Williams Short Blonde Hair

Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn's short crop looks fabulous and radiates style and casualness due to the way the hair is cut. The hair close to the scalp, as a buzz cut hairstyle, and this look enhances her lovely facial features. Short crops are hot and can be created in minutes with a minimum amount of hair styling product. Short cut helps reveal the face and attracts attention towards the eyes even more, the wearer a magnet when it comes to attraction. This hairstyle is not for everyone however as a perfectly proportioned head and feminine facial features are a must to get the result desired. Agyness is known for her short crops and they all suited her perfectly.

Inspire yourself from your favorite celebrity hairstyle but try to add a little bit of you in your hairstyle so you can mold the hairstyle to your personality and hairstyle.
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