Best Hair Masks for Damaged Hair

Hair damage is becoming more and more common due to the extensive use of modern styling techniques as well as other external factors that influence the health of our tresses. Homemade mask represent an affordable option that can be used to ensure that our locks are properly nourished and to minimize the hair damage. Discover affordable solutions to keep your hair healthy and strong with these easy homemade hair masks for damaged hair.

There are many reasons why our tresses tend to lose their natural shine and become dull and lifeless. Most of the time the most obvious answer can be found in the way we treat our hair on a daily basis. Excessive use of heated styling tools, various chemical treatments we subject our strands to, external environmental factor such as humidity, sun rays or extreme temperatures as well as poor dietary habits, inadequate hydration or a challenging lifestyle can all impact the overall health of our tresses in a decisive way. Most of of these factors are under our direct control, which means that an improvement in our habits will automatically improve the health of our strands dramatically.

One of the best ways to ensure that our hair remains one of our best features is regular conditioning.
Our hair needs a wide variety of proteins, vitamins and minerals to maintain its strength and shine on a daily basis. While a proper diet and an adequate hydration on a daily basis can have an enormous effect on the way our hair looks, many times in order to maximize these beneficial effects, we need to make sure that our hair is nourished from the outside as well, not just from the inside.

This is especially true for dry, damaged hair, because this type of hair is among the most sensitive ones being highly reactive to any external influence. Homemade hair masks, aside from being extremely affordable have the added benefit of not containing any artificial and potentially harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances that might trigger allergic reactions being an easy solution that can be incorporated in the weekly hair care rituals. Here are a few homemade hair masks that can nourish dry, damaged hair effectively:

Avocado hair mask

Take a ripe avocado and mix it with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of honey in a blender until you get a smooth consistency. Massage the mixture on your scalp covering your tresses with a plastic cap leaving the mixture for 20 minutes or overnight. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and rinse using lukewarm water.

Lemon juice and egg hair mask

Put the juice from one lemon, two egg yolks and one egg white and a tablespoon of honey into a blender mixing it on medium speed until you get a fairly thick paste. Using gentle massage movements apply the paste all over your tresses leaving it for about 15 minutes then wash your hair and rinse with cold water. The protein from the egg yolks will penetrate the hair shaft deeply nourishing your tresses profoundly while the lemon juice will add a healthy natural shine.

Rosemary and almond oil hair mask

This hair mask is effective when dealing with frizzy hair when you have trouble controlling your mane. Mix rosemary, sage and almond oil in a bowl and transfer the mixture into squeeze bottle for easier application. If you want to stimulate hair growth or fight dandruff as well you can also add coconut oil to the mixture and a vitamin E capsule. Leave the mixture for about 10 minutes than then wash your hair.

Yogurt hair mask

For this recipe you will need 6 teaspoons of yogurt and a lightly beaten egg white. Mix the two ingredients together until you get a soft, fairly thick consistency and leave it on the hair for about 12 to 15 minutes. You might also want to add a few teaspoon of castor oil to the mixture to be lock the moisture in the hair shaft more effectively. However, if you do choose to add castor oil make sure that you don't leave this mixture on your hair overnight as this oil is very thick and sticky and you might have trouble removing it aftewards.

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