Best Haircuts for Face Shapes

To look fabulous you need to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape so here are some tips that area meant to help you choose right!

Finding the best haircut for your face shape is not easy but with a little bit of advice you cab discover the factors which need to be taken into account for your face shape. When choosing a haircut or hairstyle the following things need to be taken into account, things which can make all the difference: hair type, personality and face shape. If these three conditions are fulfilled there is no way you can get it wrong.

In order to determine your face shape you can try to measure it and find the correct shape after your measurements.
An oval face shape will have a a once and a half higher distance vertically than horizontally.
A round face shape will have approximately the same distance vertically as well as horizontally.
A heart face shape will have the distance between the cheeks and forehead substantially larger than the width of the jaw.
A square face shape will have the width of the forehead equal to the width of the jaw.
An oblong face shape will have the width of the chin and the forehead equal and a narrow and long face.

To help you determine the best haircut for you try to take the following tips into account the next time you feel the need for a change:

oval faceround face

Oval Face Shape
If you have this face shape you can consider yourself very lucky as this face shape can pull off virtually any haircut and hairstyle. The face shape is very well proportioned thus anything will work for you. You can go as short or as long as you wish just as long as you take your hair type into account. Still, you may wish to avoid getting razor cut hairs on the crown of the head as they will give a feeling of extra length which your face shape doesn't need. Inspire yourself from Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Jessica Alba's hairstyles and others.

Round Face Shape
Women with round face shapes need to obtain a lengthening effect which can be achieved with hair volume created on top of the head. It is important not to create the hair volume on the sides as this will only help emphasize the face's roundness. Try to choose at least a medium hair length and choose to incorporate hair layers as they can help give you the beneficial effect for your face shape. Try to maintain your hair straight or wavy and avoid curly hairstyles as they will only emphasize your face shape. Great sources of inspiration for this face shape when it comes to hair are Catherine Zeta Jones, Christina Ricci or Ingrid Bergman.

square faceheart face

Square Face Shape
Try to soften the lines of your face by choosing a hairstyles with sharp lines or layered hair styles which will add volume on the sides of the head. Avoid short bob hairstyles and bangs as they will not flatter your face shape in any way. Choose a celebrity hairstyle for inspiration such as Demi Moore's, Gwyneth Paltrow's or Jessica Simpson's.

For Heart Faces
If you have a heart face shape you need to find a hairstyle which will bring out your eyes, cheeks and draw attention away from your pointy chin. Choose haircuts with an oblique parting and which add more width in the lower part of the jaw. Try to lean towards a longer hair length such as Michelle Pfeiffer's, Claudia Schieffer's or Jennifer Love Hewitt's hairstyles.

For Oblong Face Shapes
Choose hairstyles which add width to the forehead and minimize the width of the chin. You can go for short as well as long hairstyle without any problem and you can have bangs incorporated into your hairstyle as well. Inspire yourself from celebrity hairstyles such as Liz Hurley's, Halle Berry's or Kathy Ireland's.

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