Blonde Hair Color Shades for 2011

Are you looking for a stylish new hair color to boost your natural beauty and hairstyle in 2011? If so, consider going blonde as who knowns, maybe blondes do have more fun!

It may be the saying “blondes have more fun” or it might be the beauty of blonde hair which makes women turn towards this hair color, either way it's a well known fact that blonde hair color is increasing in popularity and we couldn't love this more. There are a variety of fabulous blonde hair shades to choose from depending on personal preference as well as skin tone. Skin tones play a determining role when it comes to the final result of a hair color so one must ensure the skin tone matches the hair color perfectly if you want to obtain a fantastic result.

Hair dye manufacturers have developed a variety of cool blonde hair shades to ensure women get the best blonde shade for their needs. These hair dyes can be permanent or temporary so make sure you understand what coloring your hair implies so you can determine which hair dye type suits you.
Because there are a variety of blonde shades available to choose from we have selected the most popular shades in 2011, shades which look amazing and suit a variety of skin tones:

Platinum blonde

Platinum blonde hair looks amazing and is actually one of the most adored blonde shades of all due to its cool look. Women with a fair complexion look best with this type of blonde so make sure your skin tone suits this tone before selecting it. Platinum blonde hair is very high maintenance and expensive, thus it needs plenty of care to ensure the hair color doesn't become dull and lifeless. Use a deep conditioning treatment about 2 times a week so your tresses will maintain the moisture which enhances the hair beauty and shine.

Caramel blonde

Caramel blonde hair color is perfect for women with a medium fair complexion as it offers a perfect balance between the hair color and the skin tone. This type of blonde has a caramel influence and is easy to maintain. Regular hair care and conditioning are all you need to maintain the lovely coloration of the hair.

Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde hair looks amazing on women with a fair and medium fair skin complexion so it is a great option to take into account especially if you have blue or green eyes. This hair color needs to be maintained using special blonde hair shampoo which helps maintain the coloration of the hair. Not paying attention to hair care might turn this lovely shade a bit too yellow so wash and condition your hair with appropriate hair products.

Golden blonde

Golden blonde tresses look absolutely fabulous and radiant on women with a medium skin tone. This type of blonde can make your hair look like pure gold, as long as the hair is maintained in a healthy condition. Not paying attention to this hues needs will cause the hair color to loose its definition, so make sure you moisturize your hair and use a toner to keep your gold tresses looking amazing.

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