Braid Hairstyles

Braid hairstyles will always make a statement and make you stand out from the crowd. From French braiding, English hair braids, fishtail, Dutch braids to African hair braiding like cornrows or  micro braids, there's a huge variety of braid hairstyles and hair braiding techniques.

Stylish 2011 Braided Hairstyles Ideas

Are you tired of sporting the same boring hairstyle and are searching for a cool way to upgrade the style of your tresses? If so, take a peek at the following trendy and stylish braided hairstyles and inspire yourself for your next fabulous look!

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  • Female Celebrity Cornrows

    Female Celebrity Cornrows
    Cornrows are a beautiful African hairstyle worn nowadays by people of all races. There are a variety of styles and designs and the...

  • Fabulous Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

    Fabulous Braided Mohawk Hairstyles
    Look at these Fabulous Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

  • Bohemian Hairstyles

    Bohemian Hairstyles
    The bohemian hairstyles are a huge success among Hollywood celebrities and not only. It is a great hairstyle which gives a natural...

  • French Plait Hairstyles

    French Plait Hairstyles
    French plait hairstyles are becoming very popular. There are several ways you can use to style the hair using French plaits.

  • DIY Summer Hairstyles

    DIY Summer Hairstyles
    Get inspired by these hair styling ideas to look chic during the summer months.

  • Types of Hair Braids

    Types of Hair Braids
    Here are some beautiful ways to braid hair in different shapes and types, from the French or English braid to the Fishtail or Rope...

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  • Highlights and Lowlights for Brunette Hair

    Highlights and Lowlights for Brunette Hair
    Highlights and lowlights on brunette hair look just as fashionable as on lighter hair colors. Browse through the hottest trends in hair highlights and choose bl...

  • Katy Perry's New Choppy Bob Hairstyle

    Katy Perry's New Choppy Bob Hairstyle
    The latest pop star that recently got a stylish makeover is Katy Perry with her pink blonde choppy bob hairstyle. Katy ditched her shoulder-skimming locks in fa...