Rockers were, are and will always be worshiped both for their music as well as lifestyle. By sporting a careless often controversial private life, these guys amazed the public with their personal glam and signature hairstyles. Who could forget names as M�tley Cr�e founder Nikki Sixx and Russell Brand with their bizarre hairdos. Let's see the fabulous and dashing celebrity long rocker hairstyles of these two notorieties. Nikki Sixx is without a doubt the emblematic figure of the rock scene. Fueling the fame of the iconic rock band, M�tley Cr�e, he went through dramatic changes. However his hairstyle joined him through good and bad. As the leader of the 'rocker hair revolution' he inspired millions of people. His latest hairstyle features a well-defined glam rock hairdo, chopped at the crown giving some wildness to his ultra-sleek strands. As the singer reveals all you need is a hairspray and some 'Motley' charm. Dry your hair upside down and if possible add some funky hues to it. If you feel your hair really messed up, you've got it!