There are as many hair brushes as hair types, textures and lengths. It's important to choose the right one as well as the purpose of what you want to be able to do with it. Selecting the right hair brush will make your hair look healthier and less damaged while styling it. After using them repeatedly you will feel the difference. Round Hair Brushes These are used to give a certain definition to your hairstyle when blow drying. If you have straight hair you can use it to create instant waves, curls or body. The curl will be tighter if you opt for a small barrel brush. Perfect for short to medium length/ bob hairstyles to shape them and give them volume at the crown. Remember, the longer the hair, the bigger brush you'll have to use. hair_brush Paddle Brushes Designed to brush long hairstyles, similar to other brushes it will give your hair shine and is great for everyday brushing. Due to the fact that it is fat and wide it can create smooth styles. Concerning straightening, girls with medium or long hair should opt for it, however it will not give a visible volume to your hair, especially for those with layered hairstyles. Perfect for straight styles and hairstyles styled closet to the head. Cushion Brushes These was designed for medium to long hair lengths. You can use it on a daily basis, will polish and condition hair while gently stimulating the scalp It smooths and pampers your hair if it's not too thick. It works best for sleek styles, a blunt bobs and any wavy or long hairstyles. Vent Brushes You can recognize it by the holes in its base, it works best for blow drying since it lets the air flow through your hair. It boosts up the volume of your hair, it is designed especially for shorter hairstyles. It is easy to set your hair in a special position with it. Thermal Brushes These brushes are great for fast drying and styling. Opt for a thermal brush if you're not handy with styling your hair with a blow-dryer and a brush, since it's a hair dryer with a brush attached to it.