Getting chunky hair highlights is a popular and easy way to update your hair color or to change your entire look. Its aim is to color wider portions of hair by creating more subtle or strong contrast - this way you can infuse several extreme or classic shades into your natural hair color. Many opt for chunky highlights when they want to change their look radically. It is perfect both for short and long hair. You can opt for a complete or a partial (just around the face) chunking. You'll find several coloring kits in your store, however if you want to go for sure contact your stylist/colorist. For all over highlights the cap method is used - with wide holes in them. First strands are randomly pulled out from the area you would like to highlight, then these are colored in the desired shades. haircoloring_highlights1haircoloringblondeandblackpanelling Another method for getting chunky highlights is panelling. Many hair salons practice panelling or foil highlighting and even more people experiment with this at home. Different layers of colors are used that give a high-fashion finish if done properly. The process is the following: your locks are parted, slabs of color are applied to the hair and wrapped in foils through the whole processing time. In many cases hair clips are used to make sure the foils stay in place. Visit a hair salon for guaranteed success but you can also try it at home, ask a friend to help you. If you decide to get them at home, make sure that the strands are properly saturated in hair dye. haircoloringhighlightsinbangs1haircolortypes_lowlights1