Combination Hair Care

Taking proper care of your hair is a must as healthy hair exudes a certain elegance and attraction. Find out all about combination hair care so your tresses can benefit from the best care you can offer it.

Knowing your hair type is essential for the health of your tresses. Combination hair care will allow this type of hair to look and feel great without causing it any damage. Improper hair care can lead to a variety of hair problems like brittle hair, hair damage even hair loss so learning how to take care of your hair type is essential.

Combination hair is characterized by greasy roots and dry ends; the name combination hair comes from a combination of two different hair types which need to be treated as individual hairstyles. Not using the right hair care products for this hair type can overstimulate the sebaceous glands which give the roots the greasy look and dry out furthermore the ends of your hair, making the situation more uncomfortable.

Combination hair care is quite easy all you need to learn is what hair care products to used and how to used them. People usually don't pay attention to the hairs needs and this is actually a big mistake. Healthy, clean looking styled hair has always looked fabulous and attracted positive attention opposed to unhealthy dirty looking hair. To ensure your hair looks and feels fabulous every time try to:

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  • use normalizing shampoo to cleanse your scalp area without being too rough. Gently massage your scalp using your finger pads. Try not to insist as much on the ends as they are already dryer and don't necessitate such thorough cleaning as greasy hair

  • use a hydrating hair conditioner on the dry ends of your hair to allow the hair to regain its moisture. The ends will receive a smoother and softer look, allowing the hair to be styled as desired much easier. Avoid applying conditioner on the upper half of your hair as your roots will only become greasier

  • try not to use an excessive amount of shampoo. Use a dime size amount on your hair and repeat if necessary

  • try to wash your hair every time you feel it is necessary. Combination hair will require every second day washing due to it's greasy roots but try not to wash your hair too often of too rare. Washing the hair too often can trigger an over-stimulation of the sebaceous glands which will try to protect the hair from drying

  • rinse your hair with cool water after washing to allow the hair to lock the moisture in as cold water closes the hairs cuticles

  • if your hair becomes dirty the second day use a dry shampoo instead as it can offer you an alternative to washing your hair too often. Dry shampoos are only an alternative, they should not replace regular hair washing

  • Your hair is very important and a healthy looking hair will be much easier to style. By taking proper care of your tresses you will not only maintain your hairs health you will also ensure an easier hairstyling.

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