Cool Hair Color Ideas

Hair color can be the quickest and easiest way to a new, different look. There are a variety of hair color hues available so choose cool hair colors so you can look stylish, fabulous and different anytime you wish.

How many times haven't you looked at different cool hair colors and pictured yourself wearing it. It happens to most of all pretty often as being different is something that appeals to us all.
Hair color has always posed an incredible amount of attraction, especially nonconformist colors, which are different than the basic natural hair color hues.

The cosmetic industry has evolved greatly during the past few years and so the hair dyes have been perfected and new more vivid hues were introduced. Hair color works by penetrating the hair shaft and coloring it semi-permanent or permanently, depending on the hair dye.
There are a variety of cool hair colors available to complement all types of skin complexions and it seems that more and more people are trying to benefit from the attraction cool hair colors can create.

Red hues
Red hues are among the most preferred cool hair colors especially for women with a paler skin complexion and green eyes. This type of hair color usually complements fair skin complexions and they look beautiful and shiny. Red hair color comes in a variety of hues, ranging from natural looking to intense fire red. The more intense the hair color the cooler the effect obtained so choose the intense red hue that appeals to you most.

Red hairRed Hairred hair

Violet hues
Violet hair color is among the newest cool hair color trends as the effect looks unbelievable. A hue that complements most skin complexions, violet hair color can be an option for women who want to go a bit darker. Choose more bright or more dark violet hues depending on personal preference. Either way the effect created looks beautiful.

violetviolet hue hair colordark violet

Citrus hues
Citrus hues are very intense and can create a spectacular look. Orange and yellow are the colors pertaining to this trend and the look they help create is absolutely gorgeous. A hair color suitable for fair skin complexions due to the brightness of the color, citrus hues should be a choice for people with a powerful personality. Choose an orangy-copper shade if you want the orange hue to be a bit darker.

orange hairyellow hairorange

To obtain these cool hair colors it is best to turn towards the help of a hair colorist as they will be able to create the desired shade. Some of these cool hair colors need to have a lighter base to be able to have an intense shade so, in order for your hair color to look as cool as you desire turn to your hairstylist.
Choose to be different using hair color and it will be something you will not regret. Experiment to find the right shade for you and radiate style.

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