Cutting Edge Bob Hair Styles 2011

Stay versed with the newest hair dressing trends envisioned by the greatest artists of the moment and sport these cutting edge Bob hair styles 2011. Show off your softly structured and polished do on the various events and pair the right length and design with your face shape and hair texture.

Ditch out your moth-eaten hairdo and experiment with the latest and non-traditional haircuts that would give you the proper confidence boost you were longing for. If you're lusting after a brand new do make sure you take a closer look at these cutting edge Bob hair styles 2011. Let pro hair stylist charm you with their visionary ideas on the future of this timeless haircut. Add polish to the thick or thinner locks by adding some graduation to the carefully structured dos. Keep your locks longer for a midi Bob or you can also trim them to sport one of the most versatile short crops of the next year.

by Christel Lundqvist

by Belinda Keeley

by Sanrizz

by Rebecca Woloszek

  • The fastest way to get rid of split ends and other hair problems is to skim through the multitude of fab haircuts that would highlight the best assets of your face shape. Think big and start flirting with the idea of an ageless Bob that comes in its most versatile and modern version as the pics below illustrate. Choose from the heavy layered designs for an edgy vibe. On the other hand you can also go for the geometric look which is more sculpted and classy thanks to the blunt lines and angles. Choose the best fringe design that suits your features be it side-swept and choppy or blunt and sleek.

  • by Carl Keeley

    by Richard St.Laurent

    by David Murry

    by Natalie Nairn

  • If non-conformist hair styles are your thing it's time to find out more on your hair dressing options and pick the ultra-feminine and foxy haircut that will bring out the style puss from you. No need to go to extremes if you don't wish to have dramatic changes in your look however it is important to breathe some life into the locks with a modern and up-to-the-minute look. Take a close peek at this brief gallery of stylish Bob hair styles for 2011 and find out which one will meet your criteria of a dream do.

  • by Dee Parker

    by Christel Lundqvist

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