You're bored of constantly going to the hairstylist when you want to have a simple updo? The following hairstyles and tips will help you in creating your own gorgeous hairdo in no time. Depending on your personal taste and event you can choose between classy or more sassy hairstyles. Here are some of the easiest, do it yourself updos. Casual Bun You can make your own casual bun very easily, all you need is a little hairspray and some clips. First of all make a parting in your hair, right at the front. Experiment with a side or middle parting, the zigzag type can also brighten up your look. Then, brush your hair to the back of your neck and make a loose ponytail. Grab the ponytail and twist it up, as you get to the crown area set it with a clip and spray it with some hairspray in order to make it last as long as possible. You can make this bun without separating your hair, only run your fingers through it as you make the ponytail. Twist it around its base and fix it with a hairpin or clip.