Dramatic Hair Color Ideas 2011

If edgy and unique is your style, you probably love to play around with hair color. Hair color can really spice-up your look so if your hair lacks style, turn your attention towards dramatic hair color ideas as these shades will definitely make heads turn!

If you haven't realized that hair color plays a very important role when it comes to beauty and style now is the time to assimilate this and pay as much attention to hair color as possible. There are so many options out there when it comes to hair color but it all depends on what suits you, your skin and if you care, the new trends. For women who love to make a visual impact and attract attention through their style dramatic is the way to go. There are various dramatic hair color ideas for 2011 from which you can inspire yourself but that can make your choice even harder.

One might love all hair color shades but that doesn't mean that all will look good on you as skin tone plays a major role as far as hair color should go. Not matching your skin tone to your hair color and the other way around can have disastrous results as far as your look goes. You might end up looking like you've stacked up a few extra years and look way older that you already are or you could look like you are sick, due to a high contrast between skin tone and hair color.

To make the right choice it is best to consult yourself with your hairstylist and them get the long desired change you've been yearning for. To help you achieve and trendy and hot look that will definitely make heads turn, we have selected a few dramatic hair color ideas perfect for 2011, hair color shades which stand out and give your look a vibrant, edgier style.

Hair by Saks

Hair by Joanne O

Hair by Angelo Seminara

Hair by Rush

Red seems to be the color that boosts your sex appeal to the max, as red is considered the color of passion. Rihanna tried red hair color and there are a variety of shades that will make your hair look amazing. Go for intense reds or a red-violet shade or why not, a cool mix of these two shades and your hair will definitely be the focus point at any event!
Keep in mind however that red pigments tend to fade after a couple of weeks so proper care and maintenance will be required, this being a high maintenance hair color. However the result is well worth the effort!

Hair by Rush

Hair by Beverly C

Hair by Keune

Hair by Hooker&Young

If you've got fair skin but aren't too keen on going too fiery, turn your attention towards orange colored hair. Haley Williams is the best example for a cool chick with a lovely hair color that suits her perfectly so if you feel this is the color for you make sure to choose the right orange shade as there are several on the market so your skin tone will be beautifully enhanced. You don't want the hair to look too orange so make sure you opt for a softer, warmer color, the result will be dramatic without going to extremes. Keep in mind that if you're hair is not blonde you will have to bleach your hair so the orange pigment can work its magic!

Hair by Mark Leeson

Hair by Rush

Hair by Vivienne Mackinder

Hair by Hair Associates

Another great way to boost the style of your tresses, making your look more dramatic is by turning towards the help of colored hair highlights. The highlights can be orange, green, yellow, fire red, orange-red, orange, pink, turquoise, purple, you name it. The possibilities are endless, however you have to carefully consider the colors if you decide to go for a cool mix. Go bold regardless of your natural hair color as these highlights complement most hair shades!

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