Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Even though the holiday season seems to require something more special and studied, a simple, easy to make hairstyle can add the same elegance and sophistication as a more complicated one. Therefore, as beautiful as they might look, complicated hairstyles are difficult to do and less practical, especially if you have no help or styling skills whatsoever. The best thing is that you can still look gorgeous even if choosing easy holiday hairstyles.

Every woman wants to look spectacular for the holidays. We all long for different sculptural and difficult hairstyles despite the fact that they require certain skills, styling tools and products. However, since the “less is more” rule became a reliable source in fashion, you can bring a touch of glamour into your life with some stylish, yet very easy holiday hairstyles. Looking fabulous doesn't necessarily mean trying the hardest hairstyles ever, but choosing one flattering hairstyle, match it properly to your outfit and wear it with confidence.

It has already been made official the fact that the classic ponytail is the It-hairstyle for fall/winter 2010-2011. Despite the fact that we are used to wear a ponytail only for casual or different daytime looks, considering it just a modest option, you should know that it offers enough styling possibilities for you to create numerous hairstyles for every occasion. For a holiday allure, unrestricted volume into your hair is the best choice. One of the best ways to style a pony for holidays is to backcomb the hair in the front and set the pony at the crown of the head or at the nape of the neck. So simple, yet fabulous and special! If you apply a sexy red lipstick and match it to your slightly backcombed pony, the result would be a special combination of romantic and bold.

Don't forget that a pony is so versatile and it allows you to take full advantage of your long tresses or your medium-length hair. The great thing about the ponytail is that it is not necessary to have very long hair in order to obtain a style star. Well, the Hollywood divas seems to love the unpretentious ponytail since they have been constantly seen wearing it on the red carpet. As long as you know what outfit and makeup to choose, there is no doubt that the ponytail can be sexy and chic. If you are looking for something less wild and more elegant, go for the classic and ladylike version of the pony. If you have shorter hair, you can still make a ponytail for a graceful and sweet look.

Feminine and elegant, there are certain hairstyles that seem to never go out of style regardless any fashion or beauty trend. The classic chignons belong to this category of timeless hairstyles. Simple or more complicated, messier or attentively studied, retro or in more modern versions, wild or sweet, chignons will always be the perfect symbol of sophistication and femininity. For the holidays, you can choose more simple and easy to make variants, such as a low chignon with a side parting that will look amazing for a special event. Besides, if the occasion allows you to, the messy version of the low chignon can be a smart choice.

For a very polished and feminine look, you can try the beautiful loose chignon that works extremely well for curly hair too. Moreover, it enhances a graceful neck and the beauty of your skin. Since jewelry became a highly used hair accessory, you can embellish your chignon with a sparkling hair comb or a precious clip. Hair accessories are the best choice in order to draw the attention. If you have blonde hair, go for a navy blue hair jewelry, while brunettes and browns should opt for red. For long, straight hair, you can make a high chignon and add a romantic, sweet ribbon.

There is nothing more glamorous than a retro hairstyle. Whether we are talking about the '40s mysterious vamps with a side parting and soft waves or the '50s sensual curls, retro will always represent a timeless source of inspiration and one of the hottest choices for powerful women who are not afraid to stand out. You can never go wrong with a long, gentle wavy hairstyle, especially when it comes to a holiday special event. If you have a long bob or a medium-length hairstyle, you can try the sexy curls inspired by the '50s.

Even though it might sound impossible, short hair can be styled in different ways for the holidays. Therefore, short hair is feminine, elegant and extremely sexy. There are numerous options for you too, whether your hair is curly or straight. Use the hair straightener and get super smooth and shiny hair, or on the contrary make soft waves or curls for a stylish, '30s effect. If you need to attend a less formal party, you can also apply some gel and style your hair for a wild look. The best method to upgrade you look is to add a gorgeous hair accessory.

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