Fab High-Volume Hairstyles Ideas

Give your tresses more oomph by turning up the volume of your hair! Getting more volume will instantly transform your look from drab to fab! Ditch flat, limp tresses for good and enjoy the power of big fat tresses!

Vamp-up your look and ditch your flat, limp tresses for a new look that will make you attract attention like a magnet. One of the ways to upgrade your look is to turn your attention towards gorgeous high volume hairstyles, hairstyles which look rich, healthy and exude glamor.

Many celebrities turn towards hair extensions to help them achieve that high volume hairstyle look that just stands out and looks amazing. So why not try to amplify your hair volume naturally so you can look equally fabulous.

There are a variety of hair styling tools and products which can help you play around with different hair looks which feature a higher amount of hair volume, so getting gorgeous looking hair is not that difficult.

Hair by La Biostetique

Hair by Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team

Hair volume can be created on all hair types with the condition that you have enough hair to work with. The longer the length the better, especially since long hairstyle usually have a problem with natural hair volume due to the hairs weight.

Hair layers can definitely be a helper in this situations and you can adapt the hair layers to suit your needs. The shorter the layers the more hair volume you get but keep in mind that there is a fine limit between fabulous hair volume and a hair disaster. For best results turn to a professional hairstylist which will create the right layers for your hair.

To boost the hair volume of your hair you can also use heated hair styling tools and also hair volumizing products. These products help the hair appear thicker and allow it to receive a fuller and bouncier look.

Heated appliances such as hair crimpers and flat irons can actually help your hair receive a boost of volume. If you use a flat iron slightly curve the iron close to the root so it forms an arch which will hold the hair a bit up, so your hair does not stick to your scalp (thus creating a flat hair look that is not hot). If you're using a hair crimper, crimp close to the root for a similar effect. Keep in mind however that you're using a heated tool so make sure to protect the hair using a thermal protection spray and make sure you don't burn your scalp by getting too close to it.

Hair by Hooker and Young

Hair by Hooker and Young

Hair by Tony & Guy

Hair by Hair Studio

Styling the hair curly can also help especially if you have a bit of a natural curl, but only if your hair is not too fine. Curl your hair and use a hair volumizing product to give your hair that lift as well as fabulous texture.

If however you have fine hair try to stick to straight hairstyles that feature a hair volume as this way your hair will look way more natural. To boost the hair volume use a hair thickening products, and dry your hair with a round brush, lifting the roots with the brush. Use a narrow tooth comb to tease your hair close to the roots and create more bulk. Be gentle, as you don't want to damage your already fragile hair.

Hair by Girls Aloud

Hair by Cobella

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