Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Bob Haircut Trends

For the fall/winter 2010-2011 season, the bob haircut gains other dimensions coming in so many different styles and shapes. A bob is the perfect solution if you want to change your cut, but still don't want to go too short, such as an “à la garçonne” short hairstyle. If you are not the daring type, you can still choose a shoulder-length bob and still be trendy. Therefore, whether your choice is a layered bob or one with bangs, keep in mind that a bob is a versatile and practical hairstyle that allows you to play with different looks depending on the occasion and the moment of the day.

Bobs represent one of the most suitable haircuts when you want to refresh your look. There are so many different styles of bob and you can choose one based on your face shape, lifestyle, and personal taste. A sweet, light bob with a middle parting is the perfect cut that you can quick and easy update without too much effort. Bob haircuts constantly reinvent themselves finding new versions every year. Natural and romantic are the key words that better describe this season's bob.

Layered bob

A long layered bob represents a great choice that adds movement, texture, and a light, soft effect to your hair. If you have smooth or curly hair, a layered bob can totally suit you especially if you have a round-shaped face or a tougher one. As for the hairstyling, opt for those who free your neck and shoulders. If you have longer bangs, set them on one side for a rock look. A layered bob can give a natural and fresh aspect as long as you let it dry naturally without using the blow dryer. You just need to apply some hair wax on the ends after the hair is dried and style it with your fingers.

Asymmetrical bob

This is a great haircut for women who are looking for something more glamorous, but also trendy. An asymmetrical bob is the feminine, yet one of the extravagant and rebel versions of the classic bob haircut. With its unequal sides towards the chin and with one of the sides longer than the other, this type of bob allows to play using a special color for your outfit, such as a pink for a sweet look, or a strong red for a femme fatale appearance.

Remember that the asymmetrical bob should be worn with the parting on the opposite side of the longer lock of hair. Using the curling iron you can transform the asymmetrical bob into a glamorous hairstyle. The maximum glam effect can be obtained if you choose a blonde hair color from mid-lengths towards the ends leaving the roots a little bit darker. In order to add some volume, use the curling iron and make soft waves into your bob.

Romantic bob

For fall/winter 2010-2011, the classic bob adds some extra-length and a textured touch in order to create beautiful, romantic waves and curls that can only sweeten your look. This is the ideal choice for romantic, bohemian type of girls. If you have natural curls, the better as you'll look more feminine. Moreover, if you set the parting on one side, this will ensure the perfect mystery a woman needs.
Try a natural, nude makeup if you want to complete the sweet aspect, and choose appropriate clothes and fabrics, such as fine blouses made of lace, with ruffles or bows, and other different romantic accessories.

Short bob

If you want a more fresh and youthful look, the short bob is the best option for you. Choose a natural, light bob that requires minimum maintenance, that you can style just using a round brush, yet it is very versatile allowing you to play with different styles. This is one hairstyle that works amazing on curly hair. You can, for example, try a rock version for a more edgy look. It is easy and quick to make, using just some hair mousse and your fingers, you can create beautiful, dynamic curls. Moreover, a short bob is the optimal starting point for a sexy, retro hairstyle.

Bob and bangs

Bangs are a bold choice that can instantly change your appearance. A bob looks amazing, it is modern and sexy, offering a beautiful contour to your face. This is a very sophisticated bob, implying bangs that enhance the beauty of your eyes. You can choose a longer version or a shorter one and still look very feminine and glamorous. Moreover, if you go for a chic red lipstick, you'll draw all the attention towards the lips. Regardless the type of bob that flatters you, make sure it is always shiny and it has a natural aspect.

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