Fall/Winter 2010 Bangs Hairstyles

Choosing the right type of bangs is a must if you wish to look fabulous and trendy at the same time so take a peek at the new bangs hairstyles as they are truly gorgeous!

Bangs hairstyles seem to maintain a certain continuity when it comes to hairstyles trends as they are always present and seem to never go out of style. Although hairstyles usually go in and out of style, bangs hairstyles seem to keep their spot as they are not only fabulous they are also beneficial for many women.

The fall/winter 2010 bangs hairstyles featured on the runway fashion podiums look hotter than ever as they exude modernism, style and chicness, a combination which everyone can benefit from as there are a variety of bangs styles to choose from. Choosing the right bangs hairstyle is a must if you wish to benefit fully from the look you have chosen.
If you wish to look fabulously trendy and stylish, choose a fall/winter 2010 bangs hairstyle as they are fabulous and can suit most face shapes:

Straight across cut bangs

Straight across cut bangs are fabulous as they have amazing face framing abilities, drawing attention towards the facial features. This type of bangs are perfect for women with a wide forehead as they help balance the look by concealing the forehead and creating the illusion of a perfectly proportioned face. When choosing this type of bangs it is important to keep in mind that only sleek straight styled bangs can look as fabulous so if you have curly hair it is best to choose another bangs style, such as side swept bangs. Straight across cut or blunt cut bangs look fabulous if incorporated into medium as well as long hairstyles so don't hesitate to get them if they would suit your personality and face shape. The new bangs need to be cut thick so they can receive the stylish new look you should be aiming for so make sure you go thick!

Jen Kao

Jen Kao



Side swept bangs

Side swept styled bangs are hot and quite popular as they suit most face shapes due to the variety of lengths the bangs can be cut. Whether soft gradually cut or abrupt cut, all side swept bangs look fabulous. Their popularity is also increased by the fact that this bangs style suits all hair types, from sleek straight to curly. You can adapt the length of the side swept bangs to suit your face shape and personal preference so your bangs will make you look stylish and unique, as they can instantly soften your facial features.

Cynthia Steffe




Bangs can instantly update your hairstyle and look so don't hesitate to give them a try if you think they could suit your style. They work well with any hair color, especially dark colored hairstyles as they are much more eye catching. If you are not sure about making this change permanent you can try to fake your way to a bangs hairstyle and choose clip-in bangs as they are easy to use and come in a variety of shades!

Photos via elle.com

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