Fall/Winter 2010 Hair Accessories Trends

Hair accessories play a very important role when it comes to style so take a peek at the latest must have hair accessories for fall/winter 2010!

Hair accessories have a great amount of importance when it comes to hairstyles and physical appearance as they can instantly transform the look of any hairstyle without too much effort. Just like fashion and hairstyles trends, hair accessories trends change as well, in the attempt to bring something new into fashion, something which also matches the new fashion trends perfectly.

The fall/winter 2010 hair accessories trend is fabulous and it seems that it is meant to attract attention and to help set the hair into place. It is absolutely amazing how much a simple hair accessory can transform your look, this is why don't save in this department and splurge to put together one of the most stylish fall/winter 2010 hair accessories collection.
Because along time a variety of hair accessories have been developed, and because not all of them will work this season if you care about fashion trends, we have selected some of the must have hair accessories which will definitely suit the new fashion trends so you can look incredibly stylish:


These hair accessories are uber-popular as they can instantly boost the style of your hair and allow you to look fabulous in seconds and with virtually no effort. However this fall/winter 2010 not all headbands are popular so you must choose wisely so you can be trendy and feel comfortable in the same time. Go for knitted headbands or patent leather looking headbands as they are highly popular this season and can match the new fashion trends perfectly. You can style your hair up in an updo if you are going for the patent leather headband and allow your hair to fall naturally around the body if you are going for a chunky knitwear headband.

Paul & Joe

Karl Lagerfeld


Hats are fun and they can be the ultimate hair accessory if you want to look great and protect your head against the cold. There are a variety of cool hats to choose from but it seems the most stylish and popular hats however are the fur hats. With a certain Russian-diva look, these fur hats, whether real or faux, can help underline your luxurious fashion style. Fur plays a very important role in fashion this season and a fur hat will help complete any luxurious fashion style at any moment. Choose a monochrome colored fur hat or go for a multi-tone one so you can look stunning.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

Cool oversized hair accessories

Choosing to go bold can be a great option especially if you are a girl who doesn't mind being in the center of attention. The oversized hair accessories manage to stand out and attract attention as they extend high above the head to give the hairstyle a little bit of a twist. Choose poofy ball hair accessories or choose an oversized flower as the result will be equally stylish.

Photos via elle.com

Sonia Rykiel

Oscar de la Renta

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