Density as well as texture plays an important role in choosing new haircuts and hairstyles. All you have to do is look at your strands and find out which category you belong to with these easy ways to identify your hair density. The Ponytail Trick In fact density refers to how much hair covers your head. Simply as it is! Density is a visible quality, however there are people who are not sure whether their hair is thick, thin or medium. Do the following trick: tie your hair into a ponytail, use this method if your hair is medium or long. Use an elastic and see whether how many times it wraps around your ponytail - 3-4 or more times it's thin hair. - 2-3 times then it's medium. -1 time it's thick hair. hair-densitySewing Needle Trick Try to push one of your hair through a sewing needle, you'll see whether your hair is thick, thin or medium. If it's almost impossible to push it through, then you have thick hair. However if it's very easy then it's fine or thin. You'll see if it is only a bit difficult to do it, then you have medium density hair. Experiment with it! THIN HAIR - Thin or fine hair can look very weak, flat and lifeless at times. That's why it requires more styling and effective styling tools. Your scalp is easily visible, then you have thin hair. It is hard to curl it or add some volume to it, since it won't take the shape you desire. Use some products specifically designed for fine hair since it is very prone to become greasy, lay flat on the head loosing its shape and volume. MEDIUM HAIR - This hair density is closer to finer hair since you can have both straight and curly hair. People with medium hair density have more volume at the top which tends to decrease towards the tips. You'll scalp won't be so visible, however your strands are still prone to breakage and become oily. This is the most common type of hair it offers endless options for styling. This is called a normal density due to its flexibility. THICK HAIR - This hair density needs a lot of styling and conditioning. If your hair looks frizzy after washing it is definitely thick. In general wavy and curly hair falls into this category, you have to take care of it by deep conditioning regularly. Use some hot oil treatments and hair masks to keep your strands healthy.