Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Trend

There are a variety of hair braiding techniques to choose from and one of the most popular this year is the fishtail braid so learn how to style it and create the fabulous look yourself!

Braided hairstyle have made a huge comeback especially this year due to the amazingly stylish look they help create. There are a variety of hair braiding techniques to choose from but it seems that one has managed to capture everyone's attention through its amazingly sophisticated style.

Fishtail braids also known as herringbone braids have a very distinct appearance and the name is given due to the resemblance to a fishes skeleton. Not only is this type of braid easy to create but it can offer your hair style the right amount of sophistication to help you look fabulous at a variety of casual or formal events.
Another great thing about the fishtail or herringbone braid is that it can be created on almost every hair type with the condition the hair has a sufficient length. A long hair length is necessary to create this type of braid as the longer the hair be more amazing the look of your tresses will be. Style it back or sideways as all styles look great. You can also allow the rest of your hair to remain looser or gathered close to the scalp depending on the desired result.

fishtail braidherringbone braid

How to do a fishtail braid?

To create this fabulous look yourself and achieve a gorgeous side fishtail braid you need to ensure the next steps are followed:

  • Wet your hair until it is a bit damp before starting as this will allow you to create the pattern better without the strands slipping out. Damp hair will have a better adherence and will help set the braid in place. Apply a little bit of volumizing spray or mousse throughout the hair and scrunch it to get a certain messy, textured look

  • Gather your hair on the side of the head and part the hair into two sections. Take a small amount of hair out of one section and join it with the other. Now repeat on the other side pulling a bit tight to create a firm braid.

  • Once you have reached the end of the hair secure the end using a hair elastic but try to use one that is not too bulky and stands out. Use a clear one or one that blends well with your hair color so it will not show as much.

  • To give it the final look pull gently on the side of the braid to get some of the hairs a bit out as this will help create that teased, messy fishtail look. If this is not really a style that works for you, leave the fishtail as it is as it will look fabulous either way.

  • How to fishtail braid

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