Glam Short Hairstyles 2011

Short hairstyles are definitely hot hairstyles filled with attitude so if you have a penchant for short hair don't hesitate to go for the cut. Short hairstyles can too receive a quite glamorous look through the right cut. If your hair is screaming for something new, take glam short hairstyles into account as they will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

Pulling off a fabulous short crop is not easy but if all the mandatory demands of short hairstyles are met the results might exceed your expectations. Short tresses are packed with attitude and in 2011 they have been “spiced-up” and given a much sexier look.

The glam short hairstyles for 2011 are a magnet when it comes to beauty and style so if your face shape and personality can work the crop, don't hesitate to liberate yourself from the burden of long hairstyles.

Hair by Royston Blythe

Hair by Saks

Hair by Franck Provoust

Hair by Royston Blythe

The new hair cutting techniques hair stylists developed over time has lead to the rapid growth of the hair styles category.
The variety of new and trendy hairstyles not only suit the new trends ,but also suit different face shapes, while taking everyone's hair styling availability into account. To ensure you make the right choice the help of a professional hair stylist is definitely needed.

If you have a penchant for short crops make sure your facial features benefit fully from the style desired. Short hairstyles reveal the facial features greatly, thus attracting a generous amount of attention towards your face. There must be a perfect balance created between the hairstyle and the haircut so the perfect result is obtained, and you can do this by adapting the cut to suit your needs. Short styles are a great way to showcase a strong bone structure as well as adorable feminine facial features so go glam short.

Hair by Eric Stipa

Hair by L

Hair by Mack

Hair by Alexander Hair and Beauty

Pixie crops, asymmetric short hairstyles as well as layered short hairstyles are a perfect choice when it comes to short glam hairstyles with a great amount of personality. The hair can be maintained sleek straight or slightly tussled for a sexy no-fuss hot look.

Styling the hair properly is always a must if you want to look great so a little bit of texture product can make a huge difference. Ask your hairstylist before you get the cut about how at-home hairstyling. This way you'll be able to get some cool tips about how to style your hair for a “just out of the salon” look.
Try to keep things relatively simple, by giving your tresses a more natural look and this way you will definitely not fail. To upgrade the glamor of your hair turn towards the help of hair accessories.

Hair by Christel Lundqvist

Hair by Hooker & Young

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