Groovy Bob Hair Styles

The classic haircuts rule the red carpet each season, their reputation indeed can't be easily shattered. Therefore instead of tossing them from the top position it is highly recommended to sport them with confidence. Though the blunt Bob hair style would be the original prototype of the hair style there's no need to limit ourselves to this structure. Instead why not run through the latest groovy bob hair styles that are just as popular and chic as the moderate and timeless one. The asymmetrical features as well as additional cutting techniques would stimulate us to make the cut and try out at least once the variations of Bob haircuts. Bring out the best of the texture of your hair as well as face shape with these dandy looks.

Both architectural as well as classic Bob haircuts would find their place in the repertoire of groovy bob hair styles. There's nothing more challenging for hair dressers than to find the means to offer the public versatile looks. These can be best done when fusing various techniques for adding volume and texture to the locks. The modern Bob hair styles would banish the monotony of plain hair as well as would also spare you from the bad hair days. Pairing the right cut with your facial features is the most important task. Therefore devote more time to this phase and pick the right length as well as design for a dream outcome. Use your creativity to perk up your image with the latest hair style trends. Draw some inspiration from the celebrity looks as well as the less traditional styles as the ones below. These would help you find your signature do and sport a unique look.

Bowl Cut Bob

  • Indeed some might make a fair distinguishing between the classic bowl cut and the Bob. However these styles have some of both trends, therefore we might create a real fusion of some of the uber-popular looks for a new haircut idea. The sleek and defined strands trimmed at a uniform style groovy style would banish the tousled effect of layers. Those who long for a polished and high brow do will find the Bob examples above the ideal choice to enhance the beauty and healthy shine of their strands as well as their up-to-the-minute attitude towards hair dressing. Slightly futuristic and at the same time alluring bowl cut Bob hair styles can attribute their glamor to the sleek and softened strands with statement bangs and a more streamlined structure. Go for it if you are also the forerunner of the more revolutionary Bob haircuts. For the desired effect use a high quality flat iron and some styling solution to preserve the wrinkle-free effect of the do.

  • Geometric Bob

  • Sharp angles and statement bangs are some of the main characteristics of geometric Bob hair styles. These designs would attract immediate attention due to their futuristic and refined aura. Some might appeal to the blunt and architectural lines in order to enhance the strands with a more revolutionary design. Others would appeal to this trend as it also echoes the Flapper era which also encouraged the straight and sleek tresses trimmed to precision. These hair styles might require some bravery to sport, however with the proper attitude you'll be able to style your strands in a unique and authentic way. Due to the perfect forms and sharpness of the designs it is highly recommended to use hair straighteners or natural relaxing solutions to obtain the overwhelming effect.

  • Flipped Out and Choppy Bob

  • There's no need to preserve the sleek texture of the hair when you'll have the chance to also appeal to more versatile styling tricks. In this case it is enough to flip out the hair ends and create a more youthful and fab hairdo. The cut still bares the basic features of the Bob hair styles still would seem more casual and cosmopolitan. The loose strands are also perfect to create the choppy Bob haircut that follows the patterns of the ageless hairdo still would appeal to layers in order to soften the texture of the hair. Take advantage of the density and length of the hair in order to pull off endless styles of Bob haircuts, be it inverted and chopped or asymmetrical in all its sections.Use the basic hair styling products to emphasize the razored tips or leave them smooth laid on the side and blended into the rest of the locks.

  • Colorful Bob Hair Styles
  • Hair color can also be a remedy to jazz up your classic or more groovy Bob hair styles. Panelling, highlights as well as dip-dyed looks can be also included in the versatile Bob hair styles due to their popularity. These colorful hair styles can be worn also by those who are real adventurers when it comes of hair dyeing or would simply seek for a solution to create a perfectly proportioned face and juggle with the facial features. Regardless of your purpose you'll granted with the opportunity to choose from an infinite shade palette from the eye-popping to the less prominent tones. Place them in a larger or smaller number around the head or only to the bangs and front sections to achieve a similar look than the ones illustrated above.

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