Hair Color Combinations for Blonde Hair

Choosing the right hair color combination for your blonde hair is a must if you want to look fabulously trendy and stylish so take the following tips into account and determine which color combination suits you best!

Most people have always considered blonde hair as being one of the sexiest hair color choices one can make especially when it comes to women's hair color. Because multiple toned hair colors are making a comeback it is crucial to determine which hair color combinations work best for blonde hair.

The cosmetic industry has evolved greatly during the past few years and a variety of hair color shades have been created just so women can dye their tresses the desired shade. The new hair dying techniques allow women to create gorgeous hair color combinations with their favorite hues but if you are looking to achieve a look that will make you stand out due to your unique style and beauty, you need to choose a hair color combination which suits your skin tone and which creates a harmonious well balanced look.

Because making the right choice is not easy we have selected some of the most adorable and feminine hair color combinations for blonde hair which can inspire you for your next trendy new look:

Blonde and citrus hues
Blonde hair color collaborates beautifully with citrus colored hair dyes such as orange, green as well as pink. These shades help enhance the blonde coloration of the hair and make the hair stand out in the most amazing manner. It is very important however to dye the hair to suit your style best as well as your face shape and to try not to go too bold by coloring too much hair differently. A slab of hair color incorporated into your blonde hair is just enough to create a dramatic finish. Sometimes less is more so pay attention to balance if you want to look spectacular.

Blonde and black hair color
This hair color combination has always attracted women due to the powerful look it helps create. Whether you are going for hair paneling, hair highlights, dip dying or coontails, the look obtained will be equally spectacular. It is very important to understand that this hair color combination is not for everyone as it will be an eye catching look which will make heads turn. There are a variety of options you have when it comes to applying the black hair color on your blonde tresses so make sure you make the right choice as black is a difficult hair color to remove.

Blonde and brown hair color
There are a variety of brown hair color hues to choose from and they all look great. From light brown to dark chocolate brown, all blonde and brown hair color combinations look great regardless of the chosen method of application. Choose the style that suits your face shape, hair length and personality best so you can feel great with your new look.

Blonde and violet shades
Violet shades look great and can give you a feminine soft look if you are going for a light lavender hue or a strong bold look if you are using a deep purple. Choose the violet shades which you think suit your style best as they are hot and look great incorporated into blonde tresses. A slab of color will usually do the trick if you are looking for a high-fashion look so make sure you don't over-do-it.

Blonde, red or blue hair color
Blue and blonde or red and blonde hair color combinations look fabulous but these combinations are much more powerful thus more suitable for women with a powerful character, women who don't mind being the center of attention. The look created is very rebellious so it is a must to choose the right style if you are looking for a feminine and trendy look so, in order to get the desired result choose deep dyed bangs or a panelling hair color over your blonde tresses to look dramatic yet fabulous.

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