Hair Styles Ideas for Face Shapes

Choosing the perfect hairstyle for you is not easy as your face shape can influence the new look greatly so take a peek at these tips which will help you find the perfect hair style to match your face shape.

Choosing the right hair style involves taking into consideration several factors which have a great influence over the final result such as hair type, face shape and facial features. There are a variety of hair styles available to choose from but that doesn't really mean that all hair styles will suit you. This is one of the reasons why changing your hair style is not as easy.

In order to help you make the right choice, try to take the following tips into consideration and select the hair style that suits your personality as well as face shape for best results. Measure your face to determine which group you belong to and:

If you have a oval face shape you can consider yourself very lucky as your face shape can pull off almost any type of haircut and hairstyle. You can choose any hair length that you feel defines you, but still, try to stand clear of short short cut hair on the crown of the head. Go for bob hairstyles pixie haircuts, as well as long hairstyles as the possibilities are endless for you. The new hair cutting techniques can allow you to adapt the hairstyle to your preference and facial features so you can achieve exactly the desired result.

If you have a round face shape it is essential to avoid hair styles which offer you a generous amount of hair volume on the sides of the head. Your face shape is round so, in order to diminish that roundness you need to choose a hair style which will add more length to the head. Choose layered hairstyles which will create more volume on the top part of the head without emphasizing the width. Try to maintain your tresses straight or wavy as curly hair styles will emphasize width.

oval face shapeoval face shape

If you have a square face shape you need to choose a hair style which will help soften the lines of the face. These type of hairstyles are usually layered hairstyles as hair layers allow the hair to move more naturally and help balance you look. Try to choose hair styles which do not cover all your face such as straight across cut bangs as they are not flattering. Go for side swept bangs or no bangs if you can for best results. Avoid bob hairstyles and go for a longer hair length if you can so the hair will not emphasize your jawline.

If you have a heart face shape you need to find a hairstyle which will balance your pointy chin, a hair style which draws attentions towards the eyes and the cheekbones. Go for a medium or long length hairstyle which emphasizes the width around your chin and balances your look without emphasizing the width of the forehead. Hair layers usually help obtain the desired effect you are looking for.

square face shapeheart face shape

If you have a long or oblong face shape you need to select a hairstyle which will help diminish the length of your face and emphasize width through hair volume.

Choose hair layers which add the right amount of volume you need on the sides of the head, and adopt a straight across cut bangs hairstyle to create the desired effect. Women with this type of face shape need to choose a medium length of long hair style if they want to benefit best from their hair.

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