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Get hair styling tips to give a little attitude to your look! Whether you are looking for ways to style your hair for school or new ways to wear short haircuts, we've got plenty of ideas to inspire you! Learn how to use hair styling products and hair styling tools, how to straighten curly hair with lots of hair styling tips and tricks!

2011 Hair Styling Tips for Long Hair

Say goodbye to boring hairstyles as there are a variety of hot looking hair styles in town, perfect for your long luscious hair! Check out the following stylish hair styles and experiment to discover the best ones that suit your personality in addition to boosting your natural beauty and incredible style.

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  • Fab High-Volume Hairstyles Ideas

    Fab High-Volume Hairstyles Ideas
    Give your tresses more oomph by turning up the volume of your hair! Getting more volume will instantly transform your look from drab to fab! Ditch flat, limp tresses for good and enjoy the power of big fat tresses!

  • How to Create a Vintage Pompadour Updo Hairstyle

    How to Create a Vintage Pompadour Updo Hairstyle
    Vintage hairstyles look amazingly hot due to the sophisticated allure they bring. If you want to be the attraction of the evening go for a vintage pompadour updo hairstyle which will give you and edgy yet uber-glam look!

  • Spring/Summer 2011 Hairstyle Trends

    Spring/Summer 2011 Hairstyle Trends
    When it comes to spring/summer 2011 hairstyle trends the best word describing them is “contrast”. From silky straight to sexy, glamorous curls, from messy chignons to extremely polished updos, from bangs to middle partings, or from the already popular wet effect to tousled, natural hair, next season comes with a myriad of ways to style your tresses. Retro-chic versus edgy and modern, past versus present, yet the one trend that remains on top is minimalism. Spring 2011 blooms with joy and fun...

  • New Curly Hairstyles Trends

    New Curly Hairstyles Trends
    Glam-up your look by opting for a fabulous new curly hairstyle! The new curly hairstyles trends can instantly transform your look, making you stand out. Curly hairstyles are a definite mush have of the moment so take a peek at the following styles and inspire yourself for your new stylish look!

  • Long Hairstyles Trends 2011

    Long Hairstyles Trends 2011
    Long hairstyles are yet again uber-popular so take a peek at the following new long hairstyles trends for 2011 and inspire yourself for you new styling look!

  • Sexy Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

    Sexy Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair
    If you are the lucky owner of long, gorgeous tresses, you should know that not only complicated and extremely studied hairstyles can be sexy, elegant and glamorous. For a more special event or for the upcoming holiday season, you have a myriad of sexy easy hairstyles for long hair, which can add that sparkling and sophisticated vibe. Take a look and draw your inspiration!

  • Holiday Party Bob Hair Styles

    Holiday Party Bob Hair Styles
    Nail down the latest hair styling trends and use a smashing haircut as the best means to test your creative skills. These stylish holiday party Bob hair styles offer you the privilege to stand out from the crowd no matter the event you attend. Choose from the traditional or more edgy dos depending on your purpose with your brand new look.

  • Holiday Updos for Face Shapes

    Holiday Updos for Face Shapes
    An updo is not only an elegant and extremely sophisticated hairstyle, especially for a more formal event, but it can also be a real lifesaver in times of inspiration crisis. Updos are sexy and can look spectacular as long as you find one for your face shape as just like for every hairstyle, they also need to flatter you. Take a look to these holiday updos for face shapes and draw your inspiration.

  • Stylish Medium Hairstyles Ideas for 2011

    Stylish Medium Hairstyles Ideas for 2011
    Hairstyles trends change from year to year so if you love medium length tresses take a peek at the following stylish medium hairstyles for 2011 as they can help inspire you for the next year!

  • Easy Holiday Hairstyles

    Easy Holiday Hairstyles
    Even though the holiday season seems to require something more special and studied, a simple, easy to make hairstyle can add the same elegance and sophistication as a more complicated one. Therefore, as beautiful as they might look, complicated hairstyles are difficult to do and less practical, especially if you have no help or styling skills whatsoever. The best thing is that you can still look gorgeous even if choosing easy holiday hairstyles.

  • 3 Secrets to Finding Your Best Hairstyle

    3 Secrets to Finding Your Best Hairstyle
    Over the many years I've spent helping women find their best hairstyles, these 4 issues remain tried and true: Know your face shape, hair type and lifestyle issues and be honest about what you will and won't do in regards to styling your hair, period! So what's your best hairstyle? There is more than just one hairstyle that works for you certainly, but your best hairstyles can only happen when these 3 matters are considered.

  • Stylish Side Swept Hairstyles

    Stylish Side Swept Hairstyles
    Side swept hairstyles have a certain attraction attached to them so take a peek at the following stylish side swept hairstyles and select the ones you think would suit your style best!

  • Stylish New Wavy Hairstyles

    Stylish New Wavy Hairstyles
    There are a variety of stylish hairstyles ideas to inspire yourself from but one of the hottest hair styles are wavy hairstyles. Check out the following stylish wavy hairstyles and try to recreate the look!

  • Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Ponytail Trends

    Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Ponytail Trends
    Who says that the classic ponytail cannot look fantastic and stylish? Well, if you have medium length or long hair you can play with it choosing one of the various ponytail styles. For fall/winter 2010-2011, the timeless pony comes in so many different versions. From the basic, simple one from our childhood to a more sophisticated one, this versatile hairstyle has been reinvented this season allowing you to break the monotony.

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  • Highlights and Lowlights for Brunette Hair

    Highlights and Lowlights for Brunette Hair
    Highlights and lowlights on brunette hair look just as fashionable as on lighter hair colors. Browse through the hottest trends in hair highlights and choose bl...

  • Katy Perry's New Choppy Bob Hairstyle

    Katy Perry's New Choppy Bob Hairstyle
    The latest pop star that recently got a stylish makeover is Katy Perry with her pink blonde choppy bob hairstyle. Katy ditched her shoulder-skimming locks in fa...