Who could have missed the rising Paramore star, Hayley Williams' colorful hairstyles. As the lead singer of the ultra-pop Grammy-nominated Emo band, Hayley launched a real hairstyle craze with her bleached, razor cut tresses. However she also managed to flash her fashion forwardness by sporting colorful and incredibly voguish hairdos. Millions of teens long for her look and raid the beauty salon desperately seeking the help of stylists to turn them into Hayley's look-a-like.

Emo hairstyle fans should opt for Hayley's hairstyle with confidence. Reflecting her rebellious attitude the sliced layers and dazzling color became her signature traits. Layered hairstyles add volume and texture to your strands. The apparently bad hair day look radiates confidence and a relaxed attitude towards hair styling. With the help of a few drops of gel and wax you'll be able to perfectly copycat Hayley's extra-polished look.