Holiday Updos for Face Shapes

An updo is not only an elegant and extremely sophisticated hairstyle, especially for a more formal event, but it can also be a real lifesaver in times of inspiration crisis. Updos are sexy and can look spectacular as long as you find one for your face shape as just like for every hairstyle, they also need to flatter you. Take a look to these holiday updos for face shapes and draw your inspiration.

The classic updo is one of those hairstyles that became a famous choice for special events. The updo knows a myriad of variations that can be adapted using your creativity and originality. Even though it might look rather easy to choose among all the beautiful updo styles, it is essential to know your face shape and find a flattering one. There are so many different styles and shapes suitable for everyone regardless their features. As we all want to look fabulous for the holidays, we should pay a lot of attention not only to our outfit, but also to the holiday hairstyle we choose as this highly influences the overall aspect.

Oval faces are known as being the ideal shape, which allows you to play with different styles as you still look amazing. Even though your face is almost perfect, there are a few tips that might help you enhance your natural beauty. You can choose any type of side parting, but keep in mind that the center one will bring out the flawless shape of your face, while a side one will instantaneously add a dramatic touch to your look. Moreover, if you choose looser versions with face-framing flyaways these will point out your cheekbones. There are still a few things that should be avoided, such as too much hair that might hide your face, or too much volume at the crown of the head as this might elongate the face in an unaesthetic way.

Jessica Alba Updo Holiday Hairstyle

A square face has strong and broad forehead with angular jaw, with the jaw and brow having almost the same width. Your goal is to soften the sharp angles and create the illusion of lengthening. You should avoid holiday updos that have rather straight lines or with too much volume as they might emphasize even more the square shape of your face. In order to soften your look you need to choose waves and curls, especially on top of the crown of the head. Moreover, if you add face-framing waves you bring a romantic touch. However, when making an updo with hair on top of the head, make sure that this doesn't have the same width with the one of your face, otherwise your square will look even squarer. When dealing with this type of face one should always choose side-swept bangs and avoid straight, blunt ones, and make a side parting instead of a center one.

A round face shape has full cheeks and rounded chin and is characterized by a short distance from the forehead to the chin, and wider from cheek to cheek. Therefore, your main goal is to make your face look more oval and slim it. The best choice for a round shaped face are the updos that are slightly wavy. Avoid exaggerated backcombed updos or those with too much volume as they only emphasize roundness. Try to got for an updo that has soft face-framing flyaways in order to soften a little your features. Remember that if you want to lengthen the face, fullness near the crown of the head can be a great option. Stay away from the center parting and choose a side one, as this is a smart strategy to draw the attention to one side of the face.

A long face is longer than it's wide and has high cheek bones, raised forehead and distinct jaw line. For a perfect holiday updo you need to add width and fullness to the sides of your face and make your face look shorter. Updos can be a flattering hairstyle even if you have long face, especially if you know how to choose a suitable style. A simple updo that brings a freshening touch is a great option. If you have a long face try to never make a high updo, at the crown of the head, as this will only elongate the face even more. Keep the updo at the nape of the neck. Avoid center partings and go for side ones.

A heart-shaped face is characterized by a wide forehead and a slightly pointed chin. Your purpose is to balance the overall look by diminishing the width of your forehead and give the impression of a wider jaw line. Therefore, if your face has a heart shape, choose updos that are fuller at the jaw line and avoid too much height at the crown. The hair should be done slightly off center with side-swept bangs, if that is the case.

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