Homecoming is a special event, whether your hair is long, medium or short. That's why it is important to find the best hairstyle that fits your look as well as personality. New trends and hairstyles pop up every year offering us the chance to choose from a wide range of hairdos, from the classic to the more outrageous ones. Girls with short hair must not limit themselves to styling their hair with their fingers and a little gel. There are several Homecoming hairstyles that can make them look beautiful without wearing an updo. The following hairstyles will prove that you don't have to crave for extensions to have a stylish image. Marcel Waves Marcel waves are vintage hairstyles, but are also beautiful on women with shorter hair. In fact this hairstyle was invented and popularized in the 1920s, still as the retro style emerged, vintage hairstyles began to flourish. Wearing this hairstyle, you can apparently imitate natural curls, extra sleek hair can also look fabulously with it. The Homecoming will be a perfect event to experiment with Marcel waves, the attention of others will be immediately grabbed by your genuine look. Accesorize the hairdo with a decent but elegant hairpin or flowers.