Homemade Hair Treatments

Taking proper care of your tresses is a must if you want to benefit from healthy tresses and homemade hair treatments seem to be one of the easiest ways to care for your hair. Take a peek at the following homemade hair treatments and get started!

Hair treatments have always been a must when it comes to the health of our tresses as the modern world is putting more and more pressure over the hair through a variety of factors such as pollution, chemical hair products, heated hair styling products and so on. All these can have a negative impact over the hair, impact which can have a variety of negative results including hair loss which is something everyone wants to avoid. There are a variety of hair treatments to choose from but it seems that more and more people are turning towards homemade hair treatments as nature can offer a variety of ingredients with amazing beneficial properties.

The cosmetic industry uses certain harmful ingredients which are harsh on the skin and hair and the names of these harsh ingredients are sometimes hidden under scientific names which most people don't detect. The cost of these cosmetic treatment products is also higher than the cost of homemade treatments, plus the homemade treatments created by you will definitely not have any chemicals in, thus you will know what you're getting.
Some people swear by homemade hair treatments, while others prefer purchasing their hair treatments, so give homemade treatments a try and see if they work for you.
There are a variety of homemade hair treatments available to choose from, so we have selected a few which you can try right now:

Hair treatments for all hair types

Hair treatments for all hair types
There are a certain ingredients which can benefit greatly your hair, ingredients which are usually found in everyone's kitchen such as eggs and oil. It seems that eggs are not only good for cooking, they are also beneficial for your hair. Use the egg yolk for dry/brittle hair, use the egg white for greasy hair and the entire egg for normal hair. The egg will offer your hair the moisture it needs to look fabulous.

For a more intense moisturizing hair treatment mix the egg with olive oil, as it is highly beneficial for your hair and not only. However keep in mind that if you have greasy/oily hair it is best to avoid applying oil on your hair as your hair is already oily and adding more oil is definitely not a good solution.

The quantity of ingredients can differ depending on your hair length so add as much eggs and oil to make a paste which you can apply on all your hair. Massage gently the hair to ensure the hair treatment penetrates the hair shaft and allow the mask to sit on the hair and work its magic for about half an hour. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo as usual.

Frizzy hair treatment

Frizzy hair is definitely one of the most annoying thing which can happen to your hair as definitely frizzy, poofy hair doesn't appeal to anyone. Dealing with frizzy hair is not easy but fortunately there are some natural ingredients which can help with frizzy hair. Almond oil contains healthy fats which can help tame hair frizz. However if you prefer a hot treatment as hot oil treatments penetrate the hair shaft better combine coconut oil with almond oil and put it into the microwave for a minute or so until it heats, but make sure the oil is warm not hot so it won't burn your skin. Test the oil before you apply it on your hand!
This hair treatment can tame frizzy hair and allow you to benefit from a smooth and silky looking hair.

Dull hair treatment

Dull hair is not attractive so trying to revive and restore the hairs natural shine is a must. One of the ingredients which has a wide range of use and which seems to be quite effective in restoring the hairs shine is vinegar. Apple vinegar works best and it is easy to use. The vinegar is used after each washing by giving a final rinse to the hair using a mixture of water and vinegar. Make sure to apply a small amount of vinegar into the water you are going to use to rinse your hair so it won't catch a smell.

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