What can be more easier than to make your own homemade hair care products. The following recipes will show you how to make chemical free hairspray in less time then it would take to walk to the local store. These will give shine and volume to your hair naturally. Remember these can't be stored similarly to store-bought chemical hairsprays. Lemon Hairspray You can prepare this homemade hairspray in no time, without spending a fortune on the ingredients. All you need is: - 1 lemon - 2-3 cups of water - 1 spray bottle Take a bowl and pour 2-3 cups of plain water in it. Then chop the lemon and add to the water. Boil the mixture until it slightly evaporates and half of the amount of water remains. Let it cool down, finally pour it into the spray bottle. You can apply it to your wet or dry hair, then store it in your refrigerator for no more than two weeks. shortySugar Hairspray It is a well-known fact that our grannies used sugar to keep their hair in place. The following recipe is a pretty unusual one when it comes of ingredients. The ingredients: - 1 tbs of sugar - 1 cup of plain water - 4-5 drops of vegetable oil - 1 tbs of vodka - 1 spray bottle First of all, use a bowl or a pan, add water and melt the sugar in it. After that gradually add few drops of vegetable, preferably olive oil and 1 tablespoon of vodka. Let it cool down, pour it into the spray bottle, then apply it to your hair. Wait until it completely dries. You can also spray some on your comb and then brush your hair with it. Later store it in a dry place. Orange Hairspray This homemade recipe is specially designed for those who have dry hair. Basically it is done similarly to lemon hairspray only use orange instead. The ingredients: -1 orange - 2-3 cups of water - 1 spray bottle Take a bowl then add 2 cups of water, depending on the amount of hairspray you would like to make. Add the chopped orange or the orange juice and boil the mixture. Let the half of the water evaporate then leave it to cool down, pour it into the bottle and apply it to your hair. Let it dry, then store it in a cold and dry place.