Why spend a fortune on expensive hair care products when you can make your own shampoo in your bathroom. Moreover you can guarantee its natural quality and you can create it according to your hair type. The following recipes help you in preparing some homemade shampoos in no time. Natural Olive Oil Shampoo The following shampoo is a chemical free hair care lotion, however believe it or not it is as effective as drugstore products. Read the instructions step by step. The ingredients: - 1 ounce olive oil - 1 egg yolk - 1 tbs of apple cider vinegar Into a bowl mix the egg yolk, the vinegar then add the olive oil. This shampoo is recommended for daily use, the olive oil will give shine, the egg yolk volume to your hair. It's most important benefit is that it won't generate build-up on your hair. This is a perfect hair care product for any hair types. haircare Egg Shampoo This shampoo is designed for those who have less dry hair. The beauty effects of the egg will help you regenerate your hair and it will keep it healthy. Don't expect the same thickness of chemical shampoos, since it's made of natural ingredients, it will look like a hair mask rather than a shampoo. The ingredients: - 2 eggs - 2 oz mineral water - 1 tablespoon lemon juice Add the eggs and the other ingredients into a bowl, then mix them for 30-40 seconds. Apply it to your hair as you do with a drugstore shampoo. Carefully massage it into your strands and scalp. Finally wash it off with tepid (not hot) water, until you feel your hair cleansed of the lotion. Sunflower Oil Shampoo This shampoo is perfect for those who have thick and unmanageable hair. It will help you in disentangling your strands more easily. The ingredients: - � teaspoon sunflower oil - � cup of Castile soap - � cup of water Put these ingredients into a bowl and mix them carefully. Apply it to your hair, then rinse off with tepid water. The Castile soap made of olive oil will is a natural hair care product, that will make you dry strands smoother and shiner than ever.