Our hair is constantly exposed to its worst enemies like heat and pollution. Hot oil treatments offer a temporary solution for damaged hair. These can refresh brittle hair and also fight dry scalp and dandruff. Hot oil treatments are also great for African American or biracial hair types that tend to get very dry and brittle. Let's see some of the basic benefits of hot oil treatments and how can you give yourself a hot oil hair mask. The oils used for these treatments moisturize your hair and scalp and massaging by it into your scalp you'll increase blood circulation - which contributes to the healing of your damaged strands. It was also demonstrated that can also prevent hair loss. It's really not a luxury to have it, it's affordable, you can make it in your own bathroom. Follow the steps below to make your own homemade hot oil treatment. hair extension care What you need is: -oil tube or � cup hair oil (of any kind) - a warm towel - hot water. There are several oils recommended for these treatments: coconut, almond, jojoba, soy or olive oil Place the bottle into hot water for a few seconds. If you make your own hot oil mixture, then heat the oil until it reaches a decent degree. Be careful don't burn your scalp. Once hot, pour some into your hands and massage it into your hair. It would be useful to disentangle your hair before you start the process, so that each strand can benefit from moisturizing. Start from the roots and move downward to the ends. Repeat until you saturate all sections. Place a warm towel around your head - this way you'll ease the oil absorption into hair and scalp. Leave it on for 30-35 minutes. You can even leave it on your hair overnight, to deep condition. In the morning rinse it off with shampoo and treat your hair with conditioner. Hot oil treatments should be used only once every month and will effectively restore the moisture balance of our hair and scalp.