Hottest Hair Color Trends

Do you feel like making a change? Do you find your hair color boring and lifeless? If you just want to give yourself a glam-over and change your hair color, the new season comes with a wide range of possibilities for you. From different shades of blonde to red and black, everything is possible this season. Take a look to the hottest hair color trends and draw your inspiration.

Unfortunately, hair color must also follow the tough rules established by fashion trends. In order to be in style, you have to know how to choose the right color for you based on skin complexion, lifestyle, personality, but also good sense. However, if you think of making a drastic change, the best thing to do would be to see a specialist who can give you a precious piece of advice.

Auburn, depending on the shade and intensity you are choosing, can totally change your look and add elegance. You have the possibility to enhance the beauty of your hair and auburn is the perfect choice to do this. If you go for a lighter shade, you will instantaneously warm up a fading tan and sweeten the lines of your haircut. Moreover, there are no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to skin tones as this color flatters everyone. On the other hand, if you choose a more intense auburn and apply it on the whole hair, you'll get diaphanous locks and a sophisticated and chic look. You just need some courage and the wish to stand out.

Blonde is one tricky hair color. It is hard to obtain the desired result and it is not universally flattering. We can find blonde hair in so many different shades, from icy and baby blonde to ashy and golden. Therefore, this season you have a myriad of possibilities where to choose from and maybe you can find one to flatter you. You can choose a sweet icy blonde, a combination between platinum and sandy shades, or a baby blonde with lighter hues on the surface and darker underneath that work amazing on short hairstyles. Another beautiful blonde is the ashy one, mild and warm that works perfectly for women who want to reflect their girly side, but still stay glamorous. As for the golden blonde, we are looking rather for a natural aspect with subtle, sweet shades.

This is one perfect solution that works on everyone. It is a beautiful blonde version that adds a soft touch to your look. The color at the roots is darker and comes in contrast with the lighter shades on the rest of the hair. A special choice that enhances perfectly a layered haircut. Keep in mind that if your roots are dark brown, a sandy blonde is the right choice to match it with. If you want to warm up your look and point out the sweetest side of you, a blonde and brown combination can save you. You have to be very careful when dyeing the hair like this as you can easily go wrong. The mesmerizing blonde color is emphasized by the golden and brown hues.

Red is a bold choice that has to be chosen taking into consideration different things, such as skin complexion, personality and lifestyle. Moreover, you have to be 100% sure that this is the right color for you and be ready to add originality and glam to your entire look. An intense red changes you completely regardless the haircut. For fall 2010, you can choose a more autumnal red shade or a more intense one and still draw all the attention.

You can also go for more natural looking colors, such as brown. A lighter shade is perfect if you want to smooth and brighten up your face. On the other hand, for a more dramatic look and intensity into your hair, go for a dark brown or even better for a black hair color. A dark brown with subtle hues that sweeten the look will enhance the beauty of a porcelain skin and add shine into your hair. For a striking result, a black hair color looks both shiny, yet shocking, especially if you are blonde. Choose this if you have a pale skin and stay away if your complexion has warmer tones as it will only make your skin look dull.

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