How to Curl Hair Using Paper

Learning how to get fabulous curly hair can be super fun so try this cool paper hair curling method and see if you love it!

It seems that along time a variety of methods have been developed in order to obtain different hair styles. One of the most popular hairstyles among women are the curly hairstyles and it seems that there are a variety of hair curling methods available to choose from. One of the most fun and non hair damaging curling methods is the one which uses paper to obtain the curls.

Learning how to curl hair using paper couldn't be any easier and more fun and the result is absolutely amazing. It is quite surprising to see just what one simple piece of paper can do to your hair so don't hesitate to give this method a try especially if you love curly hairstyles. Curly tresses have become especially popular during the past couple of years due to the sophisticated, innocent yet attractive and simple look these type of hairstyles exude.

Curls look fabulous if styled on short as well as medium or long hairstyle, the result being influenced by the haircut. Because heat given off by other hair styling tools can cause hair damage, try to learn how to curl hair using paper, as this method is safe, non-expensive and easy to do. To make things easier we have put together the steps to help you create some of the most lovely curls ever:

  • Start by getting your hair damp using a comb and water. Place the comb under water and comb the hair as this way you will get it wet without the hair dripping water. Make sure all the hair is damp as this is an essential step when it comes to obtaining the perfect result.[item]
    [item]Take pieces of thick paper (from a paper bag) of about half an inch wide and make several ones to ensure you have enough to cover all the head area.

  • Take the comb and brush out any tangles which might have developed to obtain a smooth straight hair surface. Part the hair using your fingers of the comb from one ear to the other, pulling the hair on top of the head up and securing it using a scrunchy. Allow the rest of the hair to remain loose and comb it smooth once again

  • Part the hair that remains loose around the body into small strands of about one inch. Take a piece of paper and place it horizontally next to the end of your hair strand. Ply one of the ends over the hair strand and once again upwards to grab the hair strand well. Now rotate the piece of paper to wrap the hair around it until you reached the scalp. Knot the ends of the papers together to set the hair in place and prevent it from unfolding.

  • Repeat until all the hair is complete and allow it to dry. You can dry the hair usinga blow dryer only it will take a while. IF you wish to follow this option you need to use the cold setting from your blow dryer to prevent your hair from damage. If you are looking to avoid hair damage and get a fabulous, long lasting result go to bed with the paper bags in your hair and wait until morning to remove the papers.

  • Remove the papers and use your fingers to separate the curls as desired. Style your hair in a half updo or wear it loose as you prefer. The next day the curls will have a looser appearance but the style will look equally hot.

  • Experiment with your hairstyles and you will definitely look amazing.

    How to curl hair using paper!

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