If you got bored wearing your hair straightened, learn how to get wavy or curly hairstyles using your flat iron. First, you'll need a flat iron - opt for ceramic coated straighteners. Most of these high-end tools produce negative ions and far infrared heat that's much more gentle to your hair. The easiest way to create flicks and curls is by using flat iron plates with rounded edges that won't leave 'dents' in your hair. Prepare your hair carefully for curling. Never use a flat iron when your hair is still wet - unless it is designed to do so. Apply a heat protective product and brush your hair thoroughly, this will protect your hair from heat damage. curlhairwithflatironAfter brushing your hair, part it into sections, you can easily clip your locks up, leaving the under layers at the nape of your neck - this will be the first section you curl, gradually moving upwards. If you want to get tight curls, take smaller pieces of hair. For loose curls, you'll have to begin with larger locks. Keep the iron closed and turn it back, twist from the wrist and gradually slide it down to the end of your hair. If you want tighter curls, don't hurry, the slower you do the more sophisticated the curl will be. For looser curls, fasten the pace of curling. Go on with the same method, take another section and repeat the process. Finally slide your fingers through your hair to define and separate the sections. Set your curls with hairspray. Curling with flat iron works best with narrow ones, these are perfect to create tighter curls. Never wrap hair around the flat iron, like when using a curling iron - you can seriously damage your hair!