How to Cut Layers in Hair

Learn how to cut layers in hair! Some might spare themselves of going to the hair salon and decide to cut their own hair. Indeed there's no need for a great talent as long as you plan the process carefully. If your are handy enough you might think about cutting layers into your hair with a few tools and tips.

The following instructions will help your to cut layers in your hair.

All you need is:

  • comb

  • hair sectioning clips

  • good scissors

  • spraying bottle with water

  • big mirror
  • Wash your hair as you usually do, conditioning is extremely important to ease your own job. Eliminating the build-up from your strands will guarantee cutting layers into your hair easily.

    Gently detangle your slightly wet hair with the comb. It is useful to keep a spraying bottle of water at hand, to avoid letting your hair dry too fast.

    Use the comb to separate your hair into sections. Then decide the length you want to have the rest of your hair.

    Then put the upper layer down your face and in front of the ears. Do it like you would proceed when trimming your own your bangs.

    Now you'll be able to see the top layer in front of your eyes. Comb the rest of the hair back and clip it in place so that it won't get in your way.

    Your nose is the measure for the layer, follow a straight line to make it symmetrical and neat. The scissors will help you in cutting the layer to the edges of your eyes.

    Depending on the length of the layer you can trim it in line with your nose or above. Be careful don't exaggerate, you might cut it too short.

    This first layer will serve as example for the next ones. Grab the top layer you have already cut, and comb it forwards.

    See where the tips are longer and snip off the ends. Combing hair straight will help you in deciding whether you did the layering properly.

    Now, comb up to the grabbed layer, the next one you'll see is longer, as it normally should be. Now cut the tips of the strands to match the first layer.

    If you'll let down the hair you'll see that you have another layer. Don't panic soon you'll spot the newly styled section. Proceed gradually and with great care. Don't forget to wet your hair to make the layering more efficient.

    The next section is repeatedly added to the one combed upwards. Repeat the ritual and see whether you have the desired look. Your personal taste will decide how many layers you'll create.

    Continue with the separation of sections and cutting as long as you achieved the perfect result. Use your imagination to create some real edgy or on the contrary, simple layered haircuts.

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