Cowlicks give many headaches not only to average people but also celebrities - many of them complained about being unable to tame their strands. Depending on the spot where the cowlick is situated, it can be removed or treated differently. Methods as plastic surgery, waxing as well as electrolysis proved to be effective but pricey. However, there are several styling tricks to temporarily camouflage cowlicks. Before you spend a fortune on artificial methods try the following styling tips. - Ask your stylist to help you choose a haircut that will hide your cowlick. Professionals tend to recommend a hairstyle that follows the direction of the stubborn cowlick. If it's on the top of your head it will be a bit harder to hide it, however a hairstylist can offer you several options. cowlick1 - Layers can be a remedy for cowlicks, especially in the case of curly hair. If you have shorter layers throughout the crown, the cowlick can easily blend into the overall image. People with sleek hair should finally opt for perms, as texture can easily hide the cowlick. - Some people grow their hair in order to have some weight on the cowlick. It can be a solution however long hair doesn't fit every face shape. There are many hairstyles that can add weight to your hair without being forced to have long strands. - Ask your hairstylist to recommend you some special products that are strong enough to tame your cowlick. Before blow drying it apply some gel or pomade to style it in the direction you want. While drying it, brush your hair constantly to set the strands. - If the cowlick is right at the nape of the neck try to keep the area short. The little tuft of hair will blend into the uniform lower layer of your hair. This area is prone to having cowlicks since hair grows out from the neck and distances from the upper layers. - If you have a cowlick right in the front area, at your fringe, there's a little trick you can apply. Dry your bang forwards using a vent brush. This movement will give weight to your strands and will tame the cowlick. Thick bangs can be remedies for this problem especially styled with straightening irons, gel and mousse. - If the cowlick is in the middle area, you can also hide it by doing the following: start your side or middle parting at the sport where the cowlick is. Brush your hair over the tuft of hair and camouflage it under the upper layers, try it and see whether it works for you.