If your locks are constantly exposed to heat, humidity and sun, then you might struggle with some damage in its texture and color. Did you already think about having a radical haircut? Don't do it yet! There are several methods to bring your dry hair to life, try these and you'll hair will be overtly graceful to you. First of all choose your shampoo carefully! Many shampoos tend to do more harm to your hair than good, that's why opt for products specially designed for damaged hair. A well-known myth is that we should change our shampoo more often. Wrong! Use the one that proves to be the best for you, don't torture your strands with new products, that might damage your hair. Look at labels and buy shampoos with ph 4 to 6. Some specialists recommend washing your hair only with conditioners rather than shampoo. Especially if you wash it daily or frequently, try to apply it to your hair than thoroughly rinse off. In many cases the main cause of damage is the weakening of cuticles, a conditioner will treat them. You can practice this almost daily. damaged-hairIt is a known fact that split ends travel from the tips up to the hair shaft - it is very important to get your strands trimmed every once in a while. Even if your hair is in a growing process its condition will get worse if you leave the split ends for a longer period. Another fact is that heat is the worst enemy of hair, that's why you'll have to reduce the exposure of your strands to heat radically. It is a bit harder to completely give up blow drying, but you'll see its benefits very quick. Try to keep the heat on a lower level if you feel the need to use it anyway. There are several non-chemical methods to fight frizz and split ends. You can actually find them in the kitchen. Vinegar is said to do miracles for our hair. It will protect your locks from split ends, breakage and even dandruff. The easiest way to use it is to add a tablespoon of vinegar to the water with which you'll rinse of your hair. A bit more complicated one is to soak your hair into a bowl of water and vinegar. Another ingredient that makes wonders for your damaged curls are eggs. Homemade hair treatments should be tried first before applying any chemicals to our hair. Take a bowl, pour the yolks and whip with a fork. Wash your hair thoroughly after rinsing it off apply the egg white mixture to your strands. Massage it into your scalp and finally wash it off with cold water.