How to Use the Flat Iron

Flat irons have become such popular styling utensils since they first appeared because of their versatility and utility. Find out how to use a flat iron correctly in order to avoid damaging your hair.

A flat iron or a straightening iron is a styling tool which can instantly make your hair super straight or even curly, depending on how it is used and what your preferences are. It can help curly hair become smooth and straight in a matter of minutes, and it can also be used to create luscious loose curls.

A flat iron uses heat to straighten or curl the hair strands. There are two types of flat irons, differentiated by the material the plate if made out of. There are hot irons which have metal plates and flat irons with ceramic plates.
Ceramic plated flat irons are considered to be better than the metal plates straightening irons because the ceramic plates heat up uniformly unlike the metal plates. Ceramic plates do not damage the hair as much as the metal plates as well. You can use a narrow plate flat iron for short hair and wide plate flat irons for long hairstyles.

Flat irons shouldn't be used too often because heat helps dry out the hairs. The flat iron should only be used after applying a heat protection spray to the hair.

Here is how to use a flat iron:

  • start by washing your hair well and condition it using a rinse out conditioner

  • blow dry the hair straight using a blow dryer and a round brush if your hair is long and naturally curly. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you start using the flat iron

  • part your hair and leave only a section of hair loose. Use a scrunchy to keep the rest of the hair up and out of your way

  • heat up your flat iron at the level designated for the thickness of your hair

  • take a section of hair from the loose part and clamp the flat iron close to the scalp, but not too close in order to avoid burning yourself and slowly pull the flat iron down towards the ends of the hair. Do not stop as you move downwards. Flat iron the hair strand until it is smooth and straight

  • repeat until you have finished straightening all your hair

  • apply a little bit of shine serum on your hair to make it appear glossy and shiny

  • dust a little bit of hairspray to set the hair in place

  • If you would like to curl your hair using the flat iron you need to separate one inch hair strands from the rest of your hair. Clamp the flat iron slightly above the middle of the hair strand, turn the flat iron over, in a ā€œUā€ shape, and slowly pull the flat iron down. You can also clamp the flat iron and wrap the hair around it, then slowly pull the flat iron downwards.

    The flat iron is a great styling tool which can help your hair look great in a matter of minutes.

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